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Micro Niche Adsense Course

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Micro Niche AdSense Course
“The Exact Steps That I Use To Earn $300 to $400 Every Day With Google AdSense”
Master Tutorial, AdSense Videos & Member's area are written and maintained by John (Xfactor), a successful “under the radar” AdSense publisher who is helping
others succeed by showing a simple & sensible step-by-step blueprint to creating long-term AdSense income.
John & His Reason For Working So Hard, Baby Samantha
Please Read This E-Course Carefully,
Legal Terms: Conditions & Terms Of Use
........................................................ 5
Introduction: How To Earn Six Figures With Google AdSense
....................... 7
- How to use this course
- Stop looking for secrets
- Keep it simple - always the best approach
- This course is not made for the masses
- A word of warning: Stop looking for the next big thing
- My black-hat days are over
- From black-hat to 1 big white-hat website
- My current approach which took me to 6-figures
Chapter 1: The Perfect AdSense Niches
.......................................................... 13
- Product niches, the key to auto-pilot AdSense sites
- People click more when searching for products (Higher CTR)
- It is very easy to rank in Google for product-based niches
- 5 examples of my personal niche areas & how much they earn
- (Grills)
- (Mattresses)
- (Table saws)
- (Baby car seats)
- (Lawn mower parts)
- 100% CTR with products?
- Many products offer higher per-click payments
- Product niches are easier to write website content for
- Product niches give you the opportunity for extra affiliate income
- Product niches are easy to rank for
- Product niches protect your business in case you lose your AdSense account
- Keyword niche examples to get your brain thinking
- (Grills)
- (Bluetooth)
- (Home gyms)
- Summary
Chapter 2: My Keyword Research Approach
.................................................. 25
- Keep keyword research as simple as possible
- Predicted earnings: $20 - $50 monthly for every 1,000 searches
- Search numbers: How many searches makes a keyword worthwhile?
- Competition numbers & the strength of that competition (SOC)
- Checking for advertisers & how much you could make per click
- 1 main keyword for each website
- Registering domains with your main keyword
- Putting it all together: Real-life keyword research examples
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 2
- (Example niche 1: Spring air mattress)
- (Example niche 2: Stainless steel charcoal grill)
- (Example niche 3: Thick yoga mat)
Chapter 3: Creating Your Website Content
..................................................... 41
- How to write content for your product niche websites
- Where to find product descriptions to use as templates
- How to rewrite this content for your own pages
- (Step 1: Add intro paragraph)
- (Step 2: Adding product descriptions)
- (Step 3: Adding affiliate links to your content)
- The finished article example, with affiliate links
- Summary
Chapter 4: My Highest Converting Template
.................................................. 54
- Template overview details
- (Less is more)
- (Header & graphics)
- (Navigation menu)
- (Content placement)
- (AdSense blocks)
- Example Template Image
- (Overall color choice of black and green)
- (Header area with main keyword & additional pages)
- (Adding graphics)
- (Page title)
- (AdSense placement)
- (Right navigation menu)
- (Content placement)
- Summary
Chapter 5: Getting Ranked & Making Money: Simple Article Marketing
...... 65
- Article marketing, social bookmarking, forum posting, videos, web 2.0 - What to choose?
- Article marketing: The best short & long term approach
- The best article directories to work with
- Write about your interests, not your niche sites
- Where to get content for your articles: Books
- How to rewrite content for your articles
- (Example health insurance article)
- Finding keywords for your articles
- Why not write for your specific niches?
- Resource boxes made easy
- Mass article submission software & article spinners Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 3
- Summary
Chapter 6: Putting It All Together: 7-Day Action Plan
.................................... 77
- Day 1: Niche research, order domain names & setting up basic pages
- Day 2: Build template, publish websites & begin promotion
- Day 3: Add 1 page of content & submit 2 articles
- Day 4: Add more content & submit 2 articles
- Day 5: Repeat day 4.
- Day 6: Repeat day 5.
- Day 7: Final stretch of bulk article marketing
Final Chapter (7): Growing Your Business
...................................................... 87
- What To Do With Your Websites Once They Are Making Money
- Learn From My Personal Plans
- From Micro Site To Large Site - Same Niche, 1 Micro Site To A Dozen Micro Sites
- Continue Building An Army Of Micro Niche Sites
- What Should You Do?
- How To Reach $10,000 Per Month As Fast As Possible
- Accepting Failure, Change & Unpredictability
- Your Plans Will Always Be Changing
- Problems Are Constantly Coming Up
- Final Words: You Have It Eas
ier Than You Think!
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 4
Legal Terms: Conditions & Terms Of Use
This e-book and any videos that come with the course inside of the members'
area cannot be sold, given away, or copied in any way, shape or form. If you
have found that this material is being given away for free or sold by anyone other
than myself then please let me know by contacting me at
[email protected]
If anyone is caught sharing my template information or any other tips from this
course outside of customers of the Micro Niche AdSense Course, the fullest extent
of the law will be used for recourse.
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The materials appearing on Micro Niche AdSense Course's web site may include
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Micro Niche AdSense Course may revise these terms of use for its web site at any
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then current version of these Terms and Conditions of Use.
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 6
Introduction: How To Earn Six Figures With Google AdSense
- How to use this course
- Stop looking for secrets
- Keep it simple (Always the best approach)
- This course is not made for the masses
- A word of warning: Stop looking for the next big thing
- My black-hat days are over
- From black-hat to 1 big white-hat website
- My current approach which took me to 6-figures in 6 months
How To Use This Course
The absolute best investment that you could make right now for your AdSense
business is to pay very close attention to every word of this course
. I am the real deal – a person that has used every AdSense "system" imaginable
over the last several years. And as most of you who know me from several
Internet Marketing forums that I frequently post on, I've been absolutely fanatical
about making money through AdSense over those years.
My goal with this course has also been to leave out any filler or fluff from both the
book and the videos. What you are about to read and see on video is the exact
system I have used to bring my AdSense income from $150 per day from 1
website (which I had to update almost daily to keep the income going), to more
than $300 - $400 per day from 45 mini-sites (and growing) that are on 99%
auto-pilot (with minimal maintenance).
Each of my mini-sites brings in stable income, day after day, no matter what is
going on with the markets. Some may make only $1.00 a day, while others reach
up near $10 to $20 per day. The average is $5.00 per site. Regardless, I know that each and every site that I build today will earn money
and rank for its intended keyword within 21 days of being indexed (sometimes
less than a week). In fact, I have sites that only have 1 page of content, with absolutely no
backlinks, and earn a stable $50 to $120 per month due to the extremely lucky
find on the main keyword, and with absolutely no real competition.
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 7
There Are No Secrets
I want you to be just as successful as I have been with this program. The good
news is that there are no special tips that you need in order to become wealthy
with Google AdSense. In fact, after all of my experience, I have learned that the fastest route to
AdSense passive income is to take the shortest possible path, but doing it in a
way that gives yourself respect while offering something of value to the
From this point on I want you to change your mindset:
1) You are a content publisher that is
ponsible for helping customers find the
products they are looking to buy
2) You are a content publisher that helps to promote and find business for online
companies that are spending money in order to generate sales.
3) You are a content publisher that provides value by bridging these customers
and retailers together, while providing product information, details & reviews.
Keep It Simple: Always The Best Approach
I think what inspired me to write this book was finding out just how many people
are out there that want a simple, easy-to-follow plan of action for building
AdSense income. You and I are the same. We both want a system that is not based around trends,
fads, or the latest and greatest software program designed to trick the search
You and I want to feel good about our work. We want to have fun finding niche
markets, launching a website, and seeing those beautiful clicks that are
generating income around the clock, day after day, week after week, month after
What you are about to learn from this book and my videos are nothing but the
basics, pure and simple. It's all you need.
I use nothing but the basics myself -
a pure 100% white-hat approach that does not give me concern about having my
websites de-indexed or wiped out by competitors. If you follow this basic course with your own content publishing business then you
can be rest assured that your sites will rank, stay ranked, and most important –
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 8
earn you steady income. If you are new to AdSense then you may have some
additional questions, and that is alright with me. Feel free to email me anytime. And for those of you that have "been around the block" like I have, then this
course will definitely give you the excitement you've been looking for, not to
mention a real plan of attack.
Important: This Course Is Specific, Not Made For The Masses
Before we begin let me go back to what I said about myself in the 1st paragraph:
I am the real deal.
What I mean when I say that is that the information laid out
in this E-book and video series is not an attempt to satisfy the masses. In other
words, you will not see a bunch of filler that shows you a dozen ways to do this,
or a dozen ways to do that. Instead, I'm writing about the
exact tools and approach that I
to earn six
figures annually from sites that are practically set-and-forget models. As I write
this I've just had a record earnings day of $411.67, and it has all been done by
the following system:
1) Find a product niche.
2) Put up a simple HTML mini-site.
3) Submit articles to a handful of article directories.
That's It!
For anyone that has been in the game for a while, you know who you are. You
are the same people that have been through all of the “newbie” routes, this
course will clear you on the way to AdSense income very quickly.
Others of you, the men and women who are new to this entire business (and
Internet Marketing for that matter), may still put all of my training suggestions
aside and continue to find a better, faster, or more trendy way to make it big with
AdSense. So be it. I was there as well, but you will do yourself a HUGE justice by taking the
following advice:
Stop Looking For “The Next Big Thing”
There will always be a “better way,” a “faster way” or a “more profitable way.”
It's the nature of online marketing. And I commend anyone that wants to add
their own strategies to my course, because, in most cases, more work can only
help your websites. However, what I lay out here is a very specific strategy that
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 9
I use 100% of the time.
There will always be a new course hitting the market just teasing you to buy it
because the sales page will convince you that it is the only way to make
money online.
But please, spend as little time possible diving into the other money systems out
there and come back to this course as fast as possible. Why? Because in the end,
it's all you need if AdSense income is your goal. Do not wait. Do not jump from
system to system only to end up nowhere in 6 months or longer.
My Experience With Black-Hat Techniques (Lots of $$$)
I'm going to keep this short because I know you want to get right into the nuts
and bolts of my system and template. I just think it is important for you to know
that I did not start out using this same simple method of creating passive
AdSense income. Like many of you, I searched high and low for every imaginable quick fix. I spent
a couple thousand dollars in memberships, E-books, DVDs, reports and manuals
– all designed to give me riches made easy
. And for every one of these courses I bought, a new one came out that told me I
was doing it all wrong. This cycle continued for a long, long time. So finally I
decided that AdSense was best approached through automation, using black-hat
Needless to say I wasted a lot more time and money on auto-generated
programs. I'm talking about spam blogs, blog farms, black-hat HTML sites, etc.
These items DID make me money, lots of money in fact, but it was all short-
term income.
I probably purchased over 1,000 domains in that period of time. And guess what? All of these websites were de-indexed in a matter of weeks from
launching, to ranking and earning money. I know the black-hat pros are able to
keep these things going, but I was exhausted. Mentally I could not connect with
the idea of doing work, making money, then losing that revenue stream for
My Big Break: The 1-Website Approach (100% White-Hat)
By this time I was very comfortable with AdSense and had total confidence that it
was a simple process of getting clicks (so long as my sites had targeted traffic).
But I was tired of losing everything I launched.
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 10
Tired of chasing the black-hat donkey tail,
I literally deleted all of my auto-
generated software programs from my computer and
started from scratch.
picked a niche that I liked, had lots of searches for, and that could be broken
down into sub-niches. I chose health. The health industry is amazingly large. There are hundreds of
ailments and problems that people are searching for to get help with. The
possibilities are endless. So as you can guess, I focused on 1 very large authority site and did well
with it.
In less than 8 weeks I got the site to earning an average of $35 per day.
You can read all about it here:
The above link is the old version of the warrior forum before they moved
to a new board, but fortunately all posts are still indexed for you to learn from.
Now once you read that link above, you will notice that my site did very well and
kept growing. In fact, I had reached from $70 to $100 per day on average by July
of 2008. And by November, I was earning from $100 to $150 per day
, where it
still earns around this same amount to this day (so long as I upkeep it with
backlinks each week).
The problem is that the domain itself goes through so many "Google Dips" which
means that the site has many ups and downs with the hundreds of keyword
rankings it has. And of course, the income dips with it.
I then realized that I had to use a new approach, one where I could afford the
dips in rankings my domains could take while others took it's place, and vice
A New Approach: Smaller Micro Sites (My Current 6-Figure AdSense
The idea of making tons of small AdSense sites has been around since the birth of
the program, back when Google launched AdSense in 2003. But this was
something I did not want to get into due to my bad experience with that
approach using black-hat methods. And I figured, why do I have to put so much energy into maintaining a small site
just to earn a few dollars each day? But alas, it's all about the approach!
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 11
I started experimenting with going SUPER-TIGHT
in a niche, testing page after
page after page with search count and the number of competing sites, and went
through about 4 different keyword tools before finding a formula that works each
time that I use it. In fact, I have yet to have a website fail in earning AdSense income within the
first week of launching it, and 100% from organic search engine traffic.
This is the exact strategy that I am going to show you.
You will now understand
the power of finding a niche within a niche within a niche... and turn that small
corner of Internet property into a passive income machine that cannot damage
your business when it takes a dip in rankings - because you have so many of
them in place.
So let's begin, and please, if anything that you learn from me sticks then I hope it
is about taking action no matter what. Do not stress over small details. Follow my
lead, get your sites up and running, and I guarantee that you will be pleasantly
surprised (and so will your bank account).
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 12
Chapter 1: The Perfect AdSense Niches
- Product niches, the key to auto-pilot AdSense sites
- People click more when searching for products (Higher CTR)
- It is very easy to rank in Google for product-based niches
- 5 examples of my personal niche areas & how much they earn
(Table saws)
(Baby car seats)
(Lawn mower parts)
- 100% CTR with products?
- Many products offer higher per-click payments
- Product niches are easier to write website content for
- Product niches give you the opportunity for extra affiliate income
- Product niches are easy to rank for
- Product niches protect your business in case you lose your AdSense account
- Keyword niche examples to get your brain thinking
(Home gyms)
- Summary
Product Niches: The Key To Auto-Pilot AdSense Sites
First we are going to discuss choosing a niche and the best way to approach
building your empire of AdSense websites. Remember, your goal is to choose the quickest route that turns visitors
into clicks. This requires
targeted visitors that are looking for the very products
that the AdSense ads on your web pages are displaying.
I'll start off saying right here and right now that ANY
niche will work for
AdSense so long as there are advertisers paying for Adwords ads for that
particular subject. This was my old approach, and one that does work quite well. In fact, I've still got many pages online in the health care industry that bring in
LOTS of clicks each day. My big health site that I discussed in the old warrior
forum link above (almost 1,000 pages now) is built almost entirely around
subjects like stress relief, prostate care, yeast infections, etc.
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 13
Other successful non-product niches include parenting, baby care, self
improvement, anger management, animals, etc. I have a friend that makes a
killing with AdSense from the teaching and student tutoring niche. Who would
have thunk? And I know of another fellow surfer that lives in my town who makes a steady
$4,500 monthly from AdSense with bed bugs and other household pest niches.
He focuses solely on “bugs”, nothing else, and is enjoying a really good living at
the beach.
My point is that you can make any niche work to bring in livable AdSense income,
so long as you work very hard at it. However, I've experienced so much
more success by going with products. I'm talking about products that you see
all around you, wherever you are – driving, shopping, eating – millions and
millions of products that you might not have ever considered.
So why do I consider “products” the best niches to choose for creating passive
AdSense income? There are several reasons and I ask that you read each of these reasons and let it
resonate deeply, because they are VERY
good reasons to follow my approach
with product-related niches. Trust me, I have not worked so hard and absorbed
so much experience over the last 4 years just to steer you wrong.
People Click More When Searching For Products (Higher CTR)
For one thing, those people that are looking online for specific products are
looking to BUY
. They are the searchers you want coming to your website! In other words, anyone who is looking (for example) to get price information on
“outdoor weber grills”, will CLICK
on your AdSense ads at a higher rate. These
AdSense ads will all be plastered with headlines like “Weber Grills, ½ Off” or
“Outdoor Grills: Blow Out Prices”, etc.
Because of the alluring ads that advertisers create, these are the clicks that result
in a high CTR (click through ratio) than what most publishers experience. And
when you set up your websites as I instruct, while doing the keyword research as
I advise, you can expect daily clicks on virtually every website you build. I have yet to have 1 website that does not make money each and every day.
Sure, some flop as far as high expectations that I have in the beginning, but even
my worst producing 1-page (forgotten) websites earn a minimum of $30 per
month, and on 100%
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 14
It Is Very Easy To Rank In Google For Product-Based Niches
How is it possible to build a small 5-page website, submit a handful of articles for
backlinks, and end up on page 1 in Google and earning money within a week?
Lack of competition, plain and simple. With very little work you can get on the 1
page of Google (and eventually dominate the top 1-3 spots) for small, hidden
niches in the product area. Ranking for these types of low-competitive niches is nothing groundbreaking. A
mere beginner could create a web page and have it ranked high in the SERPS by
doing almost nothing. However, that is the beauty of selecting from the
THOUSANDS of niches that revolve around products: Nobody is working them!
5 Examples Of My Personal Niche Areas & How Much They Earn
Here are a few examples of some of my most passive income-producing niche
topics. These are just a few niches that took me about a week to launch, but
bring in a steady $50 to $150 monthly without me doing hardly any maintenance:
I live in Southern California and with this much sunshine just about everyone has
a grill of some sort. So one night after having a few brews with my neighbor (who
was grilling nonetheless), I decided to do some niche research with my favorite
keyword tool on “grills”.
The results astonished me. There were (and still are) hundreds of juicy “grill”
keywords open for the taking. I'm not usually one to work late at night but that
evening I picked a niche and immediately bought a domain, which led to
launching that very site out the next day (Sunday).
The keyword on this 1
grill site of mine also has the terms “on sale” in it. My
entire domain is built around that keyword and it only took 12 articles submitted
for backlinking purposes (I'll get into my article marketing details later).
Average Monthly Earnings: $175.00
Here is another example of a niche that is right under our noses and turned out
to be one heck of an earner. The topic is mattresses and after we ordered new
mattresses from a local dealer I took the topic right into my keyword research
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 15
Again, just like the grill niche I found a great “mattress” keyword that gets a
decent amount of search traffic and the competition was virtually non-existent.
The average click gives me about .35 cents and I only have 8 pages of real
content. With just 17 articles submitted to 1 article directory for backlinks, this
website is currently paying me:
Average Monthly Earnings: $240.00
Table Saws
A few months ago I got the idea for this niche after I walked by a construction
zone at a nearby house. I saw the workers using an electric saw to cut wood. As
soon as I got home I did some research and in less than 15 minutes I located a
great keyword towards a specific table saw, put up a website, had about 10
articles submitted over the course of 10 days, and have not touched the site
Average Monthly Earnings: $125.00
Baby Car Seats
As you may or may not know, I had a new baby in December of 2008. We had to
buy so many baby products (and still do) which gave me tons of niche ideas. So I
did some keyword research on “car seats” and went through my system to get a
website going. I've submitted about 20 articles over the course of a month, and
the site has about 12 pages of content.
Average Monthly Earnings: $150.00
Lawn Mower Parts This has got to be one of my most passive income producing websites. There was
a keyword about a specific lawn mower part that I found and I put up only a 3
page website. I honestly forgot about it and moved on (I do that sometimes). About 2 weeks later I checked on the earnings and found out it was getting me
about $1.00 to $1.50 daily. I looked at Google and to my surprise it was listed as
#6 (and still floats around that position today) for the chosen keyword).
Average Monthly Earnings:
(remember, I put up a 3-page site, and did
nothing else).
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 16
100% CTR With Products?
Have you ever heard of anyone getting 100% CTR with their AdSense-based
information websites? I personally do not know of anyone that has told me this, but the honest truth is
that it has happened to me on several occasions, and still does. This phenomenon
(and I call it a phenomenon because it is VERY
rare) is exactly what inspired me
to start basing all of my websites around products.
When I decided to stop working on one big website (my health domain), I put up
my first mini-site about tools. It was a specific tool that is common in most
households. I didn't even do any keyword research back then, but amazingly I
stumbled upon my new system and the site made its way to the top of Google for
that keyword.
Granted, it only had a few hundred competing websites, so getting to the top was
no great feat. Then twice in one week I saw the stats: 12 visits and 12 clicks.
Several days later the same thing happened: 9 visits and 9 clicks.
I figured it was an accident or something but the truth is that there were people
out there that REALLY needed to find a supplier for this specific tool. And of
course, the AdSense ads for any niche like this are going to be extremely inviting
to the consumer.
So it dawned on me that if someone is looking for the best prices, the best deals,
anything on sale, etc. then they are going to check multiple sources. And if your
AdSense ads are insanely product-specific to what that person wants, then this
type of success is unavoidable.
Now keep in mind that you will rarely see 100% click through on your AdSense
ads, and probably never (especially when traffic grows more each day), but my
point is that this breakthrough really changed the approach that I took with my
Many Products Offer Higher Click Payments If you were to personally ask me what niches are “
“for getting the highest
amount per click, I'd tell you to research all of those “high paying” AdSense
niches. You know the ones: debt, attorney, lawyers, hosting, data recovery,
I went this route for some time and just couldn't break into the competition. Yes,
there are many ways to do so but unless you have a unique approach, or
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 17
software to generate your content and backlinks, it can be a tough road.
Having said that, there are many products that offer high click payments that fit
into my system. However, I personally do not base my niches on any assumed
click amount. Some of my best (and stable) earning sites have between .15 and
.25 cents per click. This is due simply because it's easier to rank for a niche like
“gold ceiling fans” instead of “bad credit reports”.
If you would like to base your business on higher earnings per click then sit down
and brainstorm all of the most expensive “products” you can think of. Then
simply visit and see what the average Adwords cost is. Anything from
$1.00 on up will fit your needs (more about later).
Product Niches Are Easier To Write Website Content For
Writing content has got to be one of the most difficult tasks that I see people
struggle with. I can understand this because when I first started with “white hat”
marketing, it was very tough to acknowledge that everything I do has to have
content in it, and unique content at that.
This is the cold hard truth that all too many new AdSense publishers can't seem
to understand. Your entire business model is based around content, which we
seem to spend more time trying NOT to do rather than just accepting the facts
and learning how to enjoy writing.
I understand. Like I said, I've been there. And although there are many
successful people out there that use auto-generated tools to scrape and rewrite
content, I'm not one of them. I went that route in the beginning of my career and
although I made good money, it was all short term earnings.
I'll never go back. My system allows me to write just a few good articles to get
each site started, ranked, and earning money. I'll then add more unique content
to both my websites and for article submissions to article directories (I'll go more
into detail about article marketing in later chapters).
You must embrace that writing (or outsourcing if you can afford it) is what your
business model is dependent on. You are a publisher. Google doesn't call it being
an “AdSense Publisher” for nothing. And if you want your websites to rank in the search engines, stay ranked, while
earning passive income for the long-term, then you need to embrace writing or
else failure is imminent.
Ok, now that I've splashed cold water on your face about your actual job
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 18
description with being an AdSense publisher, the good news is that by basing
your websites around products that people are buying, creating content is as easy
as it gets.
Product Descriptions
There are two types of content that you will be creating for your AdSense empire:
articles that you submit to article directories (if article marketing is your chosen
backlinking campaign), and articles that you will publish on your websites.
As far as your website content goes, creating information based on products is
very simple to do. You are simply going to rewrite product descriptions and
reviews that are listed for whatever specific product your site is about.
It's far more easy to describe a product than it is to write a long article that bores
the reader into leaving your site. Not only that, but this route is exactly what
people are looking for. By using amazon and the product manufacturer's product
descriptions to base your content around, your website is actually doing a
to both the search engines AND the product suppliers.
You can feel good about the information you publish on your websites because:
1) You are providing a description of the product that people are looking for.
2) You are offering reviews of the functions of the product.
3) You are listing down product suppliers where they can shop (AdSense).
Feeling good about the information you publish online is going to be a huge boost
in personal confidence and morale. I'm one of those guys who cannot produce
anything worthwhile if my attitude looks down on the content that I am providing.
Product Niches Give You The Opportunity For Extra Affiliate Income
At this point you are probably well aware that building websites around super
tight product niches is the best way to go. It helped me triple my AdSense
income in less than 6 months to reach six figures annually. But there is more.
Every product has a buyer, and these are the buyers that will be coming to your
websites. Of course you want them to click your AdSense ads, but by basing your
sites around these products you get the chance to earn extra affiliate income.
This is where your product descriptions and reviews come in. Should the viewer
scroll down your website and read the information you published about whatever
it is they are looking for, this information will have outgoing links
to places like
Ebay, Amazon, etc.
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 19
Granted, so long as you set up your website template in the manner that I
describe in later chapters, most of your earnings should come from AdSense
clicks. But there will be affiliate sales as well, should you choose to make your
links live. I consider these commissions as a nice bonus on top of my publishing
business model. Affiliate Links: Should You Or Shouldn't You?
I'll admit, some of my websites do fairly well in affiliate sales and I could probably
just remove AdSense altogether from these sites and make decent profit. This
type of decision may come up in your own business.
By creating an abundant amount of sites built around tiny product-based niche
markets, some of them will sprout to become high affiliate earners through your
content links. You can then make the move to earn more affiliate income by
taking the AdSense code off, and thus directing the buyer to your product
Again, this is only a decision that I would make once a site is earning good
income and is showing regular affiliate sales. I have yet to do this on my own
websites simply because my personal goals are to increase AdSense earnings to
$1,000 daily. Therefore, I want to keep all of the AdSense clicks coming as often
as possible.
Your goals may be different. In the end it's all about income. So unless you have
some wacky fascination about AdSense clicks like I do, consider moving some of
those sites that are making affiliate sales to go 100% affiliate-based. Product Niches: Very Easy To Rank For
Becoming a six-figure per year AdSense publisher is a lot easier than you might
think. It took me almost a year to reach the $100 to $150 per day mark with 1
website. But when I started following the same procedure as outlined in this
book, my income tripled in less than 6 months. You too can earn $300 or more each and every day with AdSense by simply
building sites around products. Why? The answer is simple: These niches are easy to find buying keywords for that actually get
enough searches to make money, while having the least competition, and
rank fast on page 1 of Google.
You can't make any money if your website doesn't get noticed. I realize that this
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 20
is common sense but getting targeted traffic is one of the greatest feats that we
all face online. I have first-hand experience with working too hard trying to break
into general niches.
The secret is in the fact that with just a small amount of up-front work your
websites can rank on the 1
page of Google and be earning money within a week.
I've actually had sites rank and start earning an average of $100 per month
($3.00 daily) within 5 days of launching it.
There Are Hundreds Of Thousands Of These Niches Waiting For You
I used to spend weeks publishing dozens of articles trying to make money on
various subjects of health. Yes, it worked. Any action will yield some results. But
the day I realized the power of tiny, almost invisible product niches, was the day
that the light bulb went on.
I stopped relying on article marketing to send my websites DIRECT traffic
(although I still use article marketing as my sole way of getting backlinks). You know the drill – you send articles to places like and in the attempt to get people to find those articles, read your
specific article, then click on the link in your resource box – and still yet –
hopefully to reach your site and click an ad.
Now that is an awful lot of traveling and clicks to get targeted traffic. And yes, it
works. It works very well for many marketers. However, we earn such a small
amount with AdSense per visitor that it's best to reduce the amount of clicks
someone takes to make us money.
By focusing all of your attention on these low-competition product niches, your
websites will be ranking on the 1
page of Google (eventually in the top 1-3 spots
as well), which means that your buyers are going to make the shortest trip
possible in order to reach your website.
Trust me, it's a wonderful feeling knowing you have dozens (eventually hundreds)
of Internet Properties out there giving people accurate information and reviews
on the exact products they are looking for, ranked so that you catch 100% free
search engine traffic, and making the web a better place to shop.
Product Niches Protect Your Business In Case You Lose Your AdSense
Last but certainly not least, what I like about product-based niches is that there is
less worry that your websites will be wasted if Google bans your AdSense account
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 21
for any reason.
Yes, it can happen. You can lose your AdSense account and become banned from
the program. There is no doubt that you've heard about all of the nightmare
stories of men and women who have had their AdSense account shut down
completely. The dreaded “AdSense Ban” does
happen and although I hate to discuss the
possibility, it is an important consideration to take into account when building
your website publishing empire.
I won't go into why or how these people get banned from AdSense, but in most
cases they are doing something wrong. However, there are indeed times when
you honestly do nothing wrong, but for some reason your account gets caught up
in the crossfire and then.... silence... your AdSense ads are no longer displaying
on your sites. And worse yet, you may have had a big chunk of earnings that were never paid
and now that your account is banned, the possibility of seeing that last paycheck
is slim-to-none. It's a terrible feeling knowing that all of your hard work is now
flushed down the toilet.
Luckily I have not experienced such a catastrophe (but have been close due to
being click-bombed by making the mistake of sharing some of my URLs in the
past). And these days I do my absolute best to stay away from any chance of having my
AdSense account shut down. Even writing this book makes me nervous, but to
protect my family's income with AdSense I am careful not to share any of my
URLs anymore or take any screenshots that could get me in trouble.
Now, let's talk about YOUR sites and how you can protect your AdSense account.
What can you do best from the start of building your publishing empire in case
you should get banned? Focus on products.
The reason is because all of your websites could easily be replaced by affiliate
income in case Google should ban your account. This is not to say that the
AdSense ban is going to happen to you, but it's better to understand the
possibility and work smarter now by focusing around niches that can be
monetized by other means down the road.
I am not promising that the income generated from affiliate sales would be
greater than your AdSense income in this scenario, but it's better than nothing. I
do know of several people that focused on niches that were not product-based,
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 22
lost their account (for doing stupid stuff), then had no real way of monetizing
those niche sites.
Keyword Niche Examples To Get Your Brain Thinking
In order for this simple AdSense system to work for you, you must choose a niche
that is very specific, not one big website around a bunch of products in the same
Making these types of larger, “general” websites DO
work well for
the purpose of AdSense monetization, but I must remind you that this E-book is
specifically how I created my $300 to $400 per day AdSense income, tripling my
earnings in less than 6 months with small micro sites.
Having said that, when I think of product niches I will take a general niche, and
then, using my favorite keyword tool, will simply find a keyword to build my sites
around. Let's look at the following examples using grills, bluetooth, and home
Keep in mind that these are examples only
and the keywords are just
for the purpose of showing you the best and fastest way to profit from Google
AdSense. We will go more into keyword research in later chapters.
Example 1: Grills
As I mentioned before, one of my personal niche favorites are in the “grills” area.
It is an excellent niche but you do not want to make a website around grills only
Instead, you are going to look for one keyword that has all of the stats we are
looking for to make a profitable mini-site that is built around that single keyword
(plus some additional long-tail keywords).
Charcoal Barbecue Grill
Now this is a specific keyword that we would go after,
create a domain around, and start backlinking for this exact keyword in the
anchor text.
Jenn Air Gas Grill
Another example keyword that would be ideal to build a min-
site around. Although this keyword does have the brand name of the grill in it,
you may or may not want to get this domain. I'll touch up on this later, but I
personally do
buy domains with brand names in them, even if they have to be
taken down later.
Example 2: Bluetooth
A very popular niche and an area where LOTS of products are being sold is
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 23
bluetooth equipment. Again, our goal is to develop many profitable mini-sites that
are easy to rank and make money with, so better keywords to create your site
around would be:
Bluetooth Stereo Headsets
If someone typed this keyword into Google and came
to your site, don't you think you would have a better chance of turning that
visitor into a click because your site is highly-targeted? Well that's how this
Plantronics Bluetooth Headset
Your Google AdSense ads would serve up offers
that were closely related to these types of keywords. From sales to one-time
offers, discount coupons to a specific model, these are the types of AdSense sites
that make good money (and fast).
Example 3: Home Gyms
Home gyms is another great niche that makes me money but I do not just have
one website around this niche. I have several of them, all dedicated to a specific
home gym model. Example keywords that you would go for to have in your domain name and
website focus would be something like: Parabody home gym
, Total home gym
Weider cross bow
, etc.
I hope that after reading this chapter you are starting to understand that the best
niches for you to build your up-and-coming AdSense empire around are those
that are specific products that people are searching for. I cannot stress enough just how important this approach is if your goal is to build
a network of many small Internet properties that will be easy to get free search
engine traffic. But please, do not run out this minute and start buying up domains for products
in order to get started on changing your AdSense approach to match mine. There
is more you need to know in the following chapters.
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 24
Chapter 2: My Keyword Research Approach
- Keep keyword research as simple as possible
- Follow my lead
- Predicted earnings: $20 for every 1,000 searches
- More examples of my personal earning experiences
($200 per month)
($275 per month)
($50 per month)
- Keyword Stats: Ideal search, competition, SOC & Advertisers
(Search numbers: How many searches makes a keyword worthwhile?)
(Competition numbers & the strength of that competition - SOC)
(How much you can earn per click & ensuring enough advertisers exist)
- 1 main keyword for each site, plus extra long-tail keywords
- Registering domains with your main keyword
- Putting it all together: How to find hot niches (real examples)
(Spring air mattress)
(Stainless steel charcoal grill)
(Thick yoga mats)
Keep Keyword Research As Simple As Possible
Now that you have understood and identified that product-based niches are the
best to target for your AdSense mini-sites (both short term and long term), the
next step is to identify the keyword(s) that you will be working with in order to
start making money. This is the most vital step in the system. Choosing the right keywords can be the
difference between a miserable failure or a great success. Although every
component to being a successful AdSense publisher is important (SEO, content,
etc.), you will be wasting a lot of time without proper keyword research from the
This chapter will do several things for you:
1) You will realize that for every 1,000 searches a specific keyword gets that you
can rank for, expect from $20 to $50 monthly for that keyword (sometimes more,
sometimes less).
2) There are only 4 elements of keyword research you need to take into account:
search count, competition count, SOC (strength of that competition), and of
course the number of advertisers paying for Adwords ads.
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 25
3) You will not have to worry about chasing those hard-to-compete-for, high-
paying AdSense clicks when it comes to product-based niche marketing (some of
my best paying sites are only getting .20 cent clicks.)
4) There is 1 keyword research tool that I could not reach six figures in AdSense
without using, and I highly suggest you get this software (or anything similar).
5) And finally, how to easily choose the right domain.
Follow My Lead
Keyword research is probably the #1 most vital aspect to following the same
system that I and many other marketers use to get our websites ranked as fast
as possible and getting those clicks. This is also the step where you must decide
whether or not to invest into a keyword research tool.
I was recently asked in a forum to suggest an E-book or software program to help
find the “best” niche keywords for monetizing with AdSense. There were about 40
other replies with advice to the original poster. And by the end of the thread my
own head was spinning with confusion. The answers ranged from confusing to
borderline ridiculous. I could not believe just how complicated people make keyword research out to be
when it comes to focusing on small niche markets and getting ranked for the
purpose of AdSense monetization. All you really need is ONE
good keyword to
build your entire website around, with additional keywords that may come in
handy later.
I reached the $300 per day mark in AdSense by keeping things very simple with
my keyword research. In addition to my 3+ years with mastering AdSense
publishing, I suggest that you follow my lead and work the very same plan that
tripled my income in less than 6 months.
There are just a few variables that you need to consider when deciding on what
keyword(s) to build your sites around. However, I do highly suggest that you
invest into a keyword tool that will speed up the process immensely, saving you
hundreds of man-hours doing so.
Predicted Earnings: $20 For Every 1,000 Searches
First let me come right out and speak the truth about the math when it come to
keyword research: There is no perfect calculation. It
. The figures that I have
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 26
come to report from testing all of my sites is just a guide, but a decent
guide at that.
What I mean here is that you never really know what you are going to get once
you have come up with the keyword numbers and launched your website.
Keyword stats only give you a blueprint to work with. And no keyword tool is
100% accurate, not even Google's own suggestion tool.
Yes, I do have a blueprint that I will share with you, a guide that has helped me
with profiting from every website that I have created, but even my formula can
only be used with an open mind that we may not get the exact results that the
numbers tell us.
Having said that, I've come up with a guide that you should use that will not only
give you confidence in what you are doing, but will make you money:
1,000 Searches = $20 to $50 Per month
So long as you follow my instructions in the following chapters and set up
everything that I suggest with your template, niches and content, you should
profit up to $50 (or more) per month as long as you rank for the main keyword
that your websites are built around.
Now keep in mind that this formula is dependent on doing everything right, from
start to finish, as well as maintaining your niche sites. It took me years to refine
this system and like anything in life that people start from scratch, it may take
you some time to experience the same success.
But it shouldn't take long. That is the purpose of this course – to help you skip
the 3+ years it's taken me to learn dozens of AdSense methods and get your
sites on the fast-earning track so you do not have to wait to enjoy your passive
Remember, some sites will do good, some will do REALLY good, others not so
much, and occasionally you will get miserable failures. More Examples Of My Personal Earning Experiences:
1) One of my mini-sites is built around a main keyword that showed an estimated
2,900 searches per month (as stated from Google's keyword tool). I rank #3
(with no other long-tail keywords on the site) and my monthly earnings are $200
on average and I've only touched the site once each month for the last 3 months.
2) A second site has a combination of long-tail keywords, with the main keyword
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 27
showing only 1,500 searches per month. The total searches for all keywords is
8,500. This website makes me around $275
each and every month with very
little maintenance.
3) A third niche site has only 1 page of content (I basically forgot about it and
moved on to a new site).
It ranks in fluctuation between # 5 and #8 for the main
keyword that showed 1,900 monthly searches. Without being in the top spots this
site earns a steady $50
per month (and I have not touched the site even once
after it was launched).
Keyword Stats: Ideal Search, Competition, SOC & Advertisers
I'd like to briefly touch up on what the ideal search, competition, SOC and
Adwords advertiser numbers are and how important each element is to creating a
profitable mini-site.
Keep in mind that is my
personal opinion/experience and you may
always add your own twist as you yourself gain more experience.
Don't worry if you get confused here, it is all very simple actually. With my course
as a guide and your investment of time into getting the right keywords, each and
every website you create should earn passive income for years to come. And when a site or two just doesn't make it, so what? Move on - continue building
and promoting. It's the only way to reach your financial goals.
Search Numbers: How Many Searches Makes A Keyword Worthwhile?
The wonderful thing about building your AdSense websites in tiny, product-based
niche markets is that you do not need to fight that hard to get enough traffic to
earn money. Remember that people are looking for prices, deals, sales, and reviews
on the
very same stuff that your site is all about, which makes it easier to convert them
to clicks.
So when it comes to how many searches you need a keyword to show in order to
earn money, always remember my guide: For every 1,000 searches your
keyword gets, your site should earn $20 minimum (and up to $50 or more), so
long as you are ranking in the top spots for these keywords.
Do not worry about whether it will be hard to rank at the top of Google or not. It
really isn't that difficult so long as you get decent backlinks (I'll go more into
backlinks later with my article marketing strategy). Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 28
So if you want your site to make $100 each and every month, then expect to
implement the keywords that total
5,000 searches per month
according to the
Google keyword tool.
This does not mean that every keyword you use must have 5,000 searches (quite
the contrary actually).
I have built sites around a main keyword that only has 700
monthly searches, but with the addition of several more long-tail keywords within
that same tight niche was able to bring the site to a stable $100 to $200 monthly
in passive income.
Once you follow my plan of action then you may even come up with your own
unique stats that your sites are providing. Nothing is ever set in stone with this
business. That is what makes AdSense and publishing content sites so exciting.
Competition Numbers & The Strength Of That Competition (SOC)
Many marketers will tell you to only choose a keyword that has “X number” of
competing websites, but that is bad advice because there are many niche
keywords that may have a higher number of sites competing but the SOC of
these sites (strength of competition) may be low enough so that you can actually
profit from that particular keyword without too much work.
The SOC of a given keyword is not just made up of the number of competing
sites. It also involves calculating the combination of:
1) Inanchor count.
2) Intitle count.
3) Inurl count.
4) Plus the PR of the sites in the top Google positions.
Sounds like a lot of work just to calculate this stuff for one keyword, right? Well it
is, unless you are smart enough to invest a few dollars into software that can do
all of this for you with the click of a mouse.
This is where Micro Niche Finder (MNF)
comes in as a true Godsend. Keep in
mind that I have no investment into the MNF product, nor do I know it's owner
personally. I am just a VERY
happy customer because it does exactly what I
need it to do, no more, no less.
There are other tools that do the same things as Micro Niche Finder, plus more
functions, so you'll have to decide for yourself. However, MNF is simple, easy to
use, and you literally get a “green light”
on keywords that the software thinks
you can make a go of. Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 29
But like any software program, you still should do some visual checking of your
own on the sites that are in the top spots for your keyword, but this only takes a
second. I have personally overthrown a PR 2, PR3, and PR4 site in the 1
spot of
Google with just a handful of article marketing campaigns.
How Much You Can Earn Per Click & Ensuring Enough Advertisers Exist
Since you are focusing on tiny product niches for your AdSense publishing
business, there should generally always be enough advertisers buying ads so that
enough AdSense ads show up on your website. However, it never hurts to check
this information out just to be on the safe side.
This part is very easy to do. I prefer to simply type in my keyword into and instantly see the results. In addition, Spyfu will always show
you the approximate amount that these advertisers are bidding on for your
specific keyword. Here is a quick snap shot of a microwave oven keyword (example only):
As you can see from this keyword example, there are 18 advertisers paying to be
listed for this keyword. That means that your AdSense Ads will have plenty of
companies showing up to offer your viewers the options they need to click an ad,
thus finding what they need.
Of course the information also shows the approximate cost/click data. This
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 30
keyword shows a minimum bid of .61 cents, on up to $1.97. Google AdSense
does not tell you exactly what is earned per click, but from my experience we get
about 50% of any amount that happens to be on the AdSense network.
I always make sure that my keyword choices have at least .50 cents as the
minimum bid. I do prefer to have the minimum amount at .50 cents because I
can always count on getting at least .25 cents per click (most often more than
this because of using only 1 AdSense block on my pages, but we'll go into
the template soon enough).
Don't get too hung up on the amount being bid on. You may have a great
keyword in a great niche, one that you can easily rank for and make money, but
it may only be paying .15 cents per keyword (example only), but remember,
we're talking about doing a small amount of work up front and getting your sites
ranked and earning passive income, with little maintenance.
Having said that, I'll take .10 cents per click any day on a niche site that gets
tons of free traffic and takes almost no work to keep ranked and earning money.
1 Main Keyword For Each Site, Plus Extra Long-Tail Keywords
You are going to base every new niche website around 1 main keyword. That's
right, just one keyword. Of course you will add additional keywords later or you
may even start with a handful of them to get some content on your site without
spamming the main keyword everywhere (as in my 7-day action plan, coming
up). It all depends on the niche you are going after.
It is imperative that your website is built around keywords that have enough
searches to warrant a profit. How low or high you want to scale these sites is up
to you. Remember the 1,000 searches rule: For every 1,000 searches your goal
is to earn $20 per month minimum in passive AdSense income.
What I recommend is that you put as much focus possible on one keyword, get
high rankings for that keyword by adding it to your anchor text through article
marketing (more on that later), while at the same time adding additional long-tail
keywords to the site.
You may even want to just focus on just 1 keyword with 100% effort
if the search count is high. These golden gems are out there and are absolutely
wonderful when the site starts to show results. In the next section I will show you examples of untapped niches that I have
uncovered using my preferred keyword research tool and how to approach the
keywords for each.
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 31
Registering Domains With Your Main Keyword
There is another seemingly simply task that has been made complicated
throughout the Internet Marketing forums: how to register a domain.
With my system, the process is simple. Just look for a domain (preferably .com)
that has the exact keyword in it. So if the niche is “white cup holders” then look
for If the niche is “baby cribs for girls” then look for
If your keyword is not available “as is” in the .com version, then go for the .org or
.net version, simple
I almost always use .com or .org
And second, what happens if nothing is available? Again, a simple task. All you
have to do is add a word at the end of the phrase. Never add the word in the
beginning, as you want the search engines to pick up your keyword phrase in the
domain perfectly.
Using the niche in our image above, if I were to build a website
around “microwave oven amana” but that domain was not available as .com, .org
or .net, then the following options could work just fine:
As you can see, choosing the right domain is simple. You do not need any special
software or confusing strategies to get this done. Check the word “as is” and if
they are taken, just add a common-sense word at the end of the phrase (like
shown above).
And what about
in the domain? Well honestly I have never tested a
domain with dashes. I have seen them rank for many keywords and I have no
proof that they do poorly, but my gut instincts tell me to just stick with non-
dashed .com or .org URLs.
Putting It All Together: How To Find Hot Niches (Real Examples)
There is plenty more to this course but what I'm about to share with you is the
exact steps that I take when coming up with a niche idea to the point of choosing
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 32
a domain. This process is dead simple
and I beg you not to make it complicated.
I'm going to share with you some outstanding niche examples that I have come
up with using my own brainstorming ideas, then drilling down the main keyword
using Micro Niche Finder
You seriously just have to take a few steps before buying a domain. I probably
come up with at least 5 – 10 new niches per day that I set aside domains for. It's
that fast! It doesn't take hours. It doesn't take some special formula. All it takes
is an idea and 1 keyword tool to take care of all of the stats for you.
: These are real niches that I researched at the time of
writing this book, so the stats are probably different now. I also did not
use any of these niches for myself so you are free to use this niche
information however you wish for your own sites (although I suggest
you come up with your own ideas as there might be too much
competition from customers that purchased this course).
Example Niche 1: Spring Air Mattress
As I am writing this book I realize that I must show you an example of how to
come up with a niche idea and find the right keyword. That's the easy part, the
hard part was giving them away because some of these are just so profitable! Many of you may find it difficult in the beginning of your career to judge whether
or not a site will do well before you launch it, but once you have gained the
experience that I have with launching sites over a few months, you too will get
that “killer instinct”
when it comes to your AdSense business.
We'll start with the spring air mattress. I got this idea as I was buying my oldest
daughter ice cream. We went to the local ice cream parlor and the business next
to it was a mattress store. I then pulled out my little black book of ideas, and
wrote down “mattresses”.
That night I opened Micro Niche Finder and started researching this niche area. I
then stumbled upon “Air Mattresses”. Digging further I found the perfect AdSense
niches in this sub-niche:
I'll go more into Micro Niche Finder in my videos
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 33
First let me quickly explain what you are looking at within Micro Niche Finder:
The main keyword is on the left side.
Search Count
This is the search volume as taken from the Google Keyword Tool
(exact phrase).
Exact Phrase Count
This is the number of competing websites.
Ad Cost
This is the approximate Ad Cost that company's are bidding on this
This is the “strength of competition”, along with a rating number and green
color light.
Ok, so this is a very common place that you will find yourself when researching
your niches. As you can see there are several great keywords here to build your
AdSense sites around. More than one keyword are looking very good here. And
the SOC is all green, which means less of a fight to rank at the top. Perfect! What I would do is go directly after “Spring Air Mattress” because at the
time of me writing this book, it is showing 12,100 monthly searches,
29,400, and an SOC of 37. Now this one may take a little more backlinking to get rankings and clicks (due to
the high SOC number), but at 12,000 searches it's a no brainer.
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 34
I would also make an individual site around coleman air mattress, twin air
mattress, queen air mattress, intex air mattress, camping air mattress, and even
king size air mattress. “Air mattress pump”
also looks good, although it is a different niche altogether
(another reason why I love this keyword tool, as it helps find niches you may
never have thought of).
Now let's check to make sure that there are plenty of advertisers and with a
minimum bid of at least .50 cents by heading over to
and simply
typing in the keyword (this tool is free):
Remember earlier when I said that I like to see a minimum cost/click amount to
be listed with least .50 cents showing up? Well this fits perfectly within my range.
Although, with such a monthly search count I would probably have accepted as
low as .25 cents on this one.
: The numbers you see from Spyfu will always change. Bidding goes up and
down constantly, but at the time of this search you can see that Spring Air
Mattress is getting a minimum of .66 cents bid. This is an ideal niche. The next step is to take a look over at the 1
page of Google to get a gut instinct
of the leading websites that are showing up for this keyword. Remember, we've
already gotten the “green light” from Micro Niche Finder, but I always advise to
take a peek at the ranking websites to get a feel for the competition:
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 35
As you can see the leading site in the #1 spot has a PR of 4 and is an authority
site, and after looking at the site it is indeed going to be tough to beat. However,
all of the following sites are easy to outrank. Keep in mind that this is actually one of the toughest niches I would go
for as far as the keyword stats go
but with a search count of 12,000 per
month this website could potentially make a TON of money, even if you
were sitting in the #3 down to the #8 or #9 spot.
Finally, the last step would be to act fast and grab a domain that had the entire
main keyword in it (as described previously) and put up a content site with my
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 36
simple and effective template. I would start out with a home page and just a few additional pages for more
content based around the other mattresses. I would then set aside a specific
number of articles to be sent out to various article directories over the next 7
days (more on article marketing later). All of these articles will be unique and with the anchor text linking back to my site
with the words “Spring Air Mattress.”
I would make sure that NONE
of these articles used for article marketing had the
words “Spring Air Mattress” in them (only once in the resource box). You do not
want these articles to rank for that keyword, so be very careful to only have that
exact term in your resource box that links to your site.
I would continue with this simple campaign until my site started slowly crawling
up the Google listings on the 1
page. MSN and Yahoo can wait. Your focus is on
Google. The rest of the search engines will take care of themselves with just
using the simple auto-submission form for your URLs.
Once my website was getting ranked, I would then decide whether or not to just
keep the site small, or add more pages and start backlinking to these other
keywords. That would depend on the niche. And since the niche is a general
mattress term, then yes, I would add the other keywords that you see in the
image above: coleman air mattress, twin air mattress, queen air mattress, etc. Being careful not to add any keywords that I could not rank for, you can see how
many searches these all add up to. This one website has the potential to earn
or more per month
if you wanted to make it medium-sized. Or like many
of my sites, you could have just stuck with the one keyword and then move on to
a new site. I would also test this niche and make a unique website for each of the other
profitable keywords. This is how I also like to build my publishing empire. For
example, I've got 3 websites in the washer & dryer niche, 6 websites in the
cookware niche, and 5 websites in the couch & recliner niche.
Example Niche 2: Stainless Steel Charcoal Grill
I can't say enough about the grill niche. It is an absolute
, especially
when the warm summer months start to hit. I'm making most of my money right
now from all of my grill niches. Of course it is summer time and so grills are
seasonal (but we'll see what happens this winter). Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 37
Anyways, as you can see from my Micro Niche Finder screenshot below, I've
identified a great niche called “Stainless steel charcoal grill” that has almost 3,000
searches per month (and remember that MNF gets it's keyword data directly from
Google's keyword suggestion tool).
Again, just like the above method with the air mattress niche, I'd immediately
make sure that the competition was low enough and that the strength of
competition is not a tough battle. As you can see at the time of doing research for this niche, there are only
7,050 competing sites and with an SOC of a super low number 12.
Now let's head over to Spyfu and make sure that there are enough advertisers
paying for Adwords ads, plus check the minimum bid amounts:
Perfect niche! As always, the next steps are to check the top listings and then
grab that domain name. Once the domain was registered and my mini-site is up,
time to begin my backlinking campaign through simple article marketing.
And just so you know, with a niche like this it probably would take less than 10
articles submitted to decent article directories to get this site ranked in the top of
Google and making at least $100 per month. Maintenance backlinking would
probably be less than 1 article every 2-3 weeks or so.
Example Niche 3: Thick Yoga Mat
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 38
My wife loves Yoga and she has purchased several yoga mats from various online
stores, including yoga pants and yoga DVDs to use at home. So there ya go – I
had several niches to brainstorm with. After spending about 20 minutes playing with Micro Niche Finder I was able to
find a tiny niche called “Thick Yoga Mat” that also has similar long-tail keywords
that I could add to the site.
As you can see during the time of this research for thick yoga mats there are
3,600 estimated monthly searches in Google, less than 20,000 competing sites,
and with an SOC number of only 30. This is another hot niche that you can break into easily, rank for this keyword,
and make at least $50 to $200 per month
of passive AdSense income. It also
has other juicy long-tail keywords that can be added to the site (or built
separately on their own).
And now again, let's head over to Spyfu to check out the minimum bids and
advertiser count:
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 39
Absolutely perfect! Not only are there plenty of advertisers paying to have their
“yoga mats” seen on the AdSense network, but the minimum bids are looking
inviting. With a quick glance at the top listings and the domain name purchase,
this niche site can be making money within a week or less. Summary
I could not be as successful as I have been without keeping my work as simple as
possible. I suggest that you do the same. The above approach is the same one
that I use for every new niche site that I find, big or small. Some of the best niche ideas will come to you when you are out of the house.
Simply jot down every product you see in a small notebook and carry around this
notebook with you everywhere you go. And of course there are online outlets to search through like Ebay, Amazon, etc.
There are millions of these tiny niche markets and plenty of room for hundreds
of thousands of AdSense publishers. The next step in the process is simply a matter of writing content for your web
pages. Writing and figuring out what content to come up with seems to be a road
block for many new marketers. However, by using my approach you will see just
how easy this step can be. Let's move on...
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 40
Chapter 3: Creating Your Website Content
- How to write content for your product niche websites
- The easiest content to create: Product descriptions
- Where to find product descriptions to use as a template
- Using the "thick yoga mats" niche as an example
(Finding content in Google to use)
- How to rewrite these pages for content on our own sites
(Step 1: Add intro paragraph)
(Step 2: Adding product descriptions)
(Step 3: Adding affiliate links in the content - You decide)
(The finished article, with affiliate links)
- Summary
How To Write Content For Your Product Niche Websites
Ah the joy of writing, another tough subject for many striving (and starving)
AdSense publishers...
Let me start by saying right here and right now that being a “writer” is
the heart of this business.
Of course there are many other ways around this task by using software
programs and article re-writers, not to mention outsourcing. But what makes my
sites successful (and what will make your niches successful as well) is unique,
original content.
To this day I still write almost all of my content. I seldom outsource even though
I've got a great team of writers who reside and work in my local area. Yes, like
most of you are feeling, when I first started with unique content and working the
“white-hat” ways, it was tough for me to click with the idea of writing each and
every day.
In the beginning I hated it, just like you might now. But times quickly changed
once I saw the light. I realized a long time ago that if I was going to be a
successful AdSense earner then I needed to embrace the fact that, in reality, I
was a “Publisher”. And publishers do exactly that: Publish
You cannot escape it if this business model is your chosen path for now.
If you want your websites to last in the search engines, if you want to continually
keep them earning money with Google AdSense, and if you want to keep creating
passive income-producing ATM machines like I do then you need to wake up and
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 41
realize that being a writer/publisher is your chosen field.
Of course you can outsource, but most people cannot afford the price tag that
goes along with the number of articles needed to build a sizable AdSense income.
In addition, getting decent content is like anything else that you want in quality
form: Doing it right usually means doing it yourself. The Easiest Content To Create: Product Descriptions
So, moving on, I'd like to go into the simple process that I follow when creating
content for my websites. The fact of the matter is that the niches in which you will be working with from
this point on are really just items that people are looking to buy. This is one of
the reasons why your click through rate will be higher than other niches, because
the Ads are all going to be screaming “
with such inviting deals
such as product sales, low prices, etc.
So when you put together your sites, all that is really needed is a thorough,
detailed explanation of each product, its uses, benefits, and in some cases, specs.
You may even list product prices that you have seen retailers selling the items for
if you wish. There is no limit to what you can write and there is no wrong way to go about
your content. You can even just write some story about how you used the product
or how popular they have become over recent years, etc. However, I do find that
my approach as described below is the easiest, and takes the least amount of
The reason why writing this type of content is so easy is because there is little
work needed in order to put together the information. You do not have to have
an English major or even be a mediocre writer. In fact, you can be the worst writer in the world and still piece together a
high quality, informative product description and review piece.
Some of my highest earning websites have the lamest product descriptions. It's
not that I purposefully tried to ignore high quality on these articles for my web
pages. Rather, many of my sites were just test sites. I have a bad habit of trying
to roll with every good niche that I see but move onto other sites quickly (the
problem is that there are thousand and thousands of these niches that I can't
resist). So many of these pages only have a few strings of content, quickly thrown-
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 42
together product reviews and descriptions, yet they are attracting wonderful
search engine traffic and converting that traffic into clicks. I am not suggesting that you work this haphazardly. On the contrary, I would like
to see you treat every site like it's your last. Where To Find Product Descriptions To Use As A Template
From this point on I want your mindset to start looking at content creation as
and easy
. Your days and nights when working on your publishing business
will be geared toward providing quality information about the very same items
you are helping people find manufacturers for so they can check out prices and
purchase what they need.
This means that all you have to do is look up your products on Google, Amazon,
Ebay, or the specific product manufacturer's website and get to work on using
that same material as a template for your content.
It's very easy to do actually. I can have an entire page of content up in less than
15 minutes, complete with at least 700 words of super helpful tips and
information on a product.
Let's Use The “Thick Yoga Mats” Niche As An Example
Taking the “Thick Yoga Mats” niche that I mentioned previously as an example of
finding and writing product content for, I'm going to show you a few simple sites
that are loaded with enough information that I can use for my articles.
This same approach may go for any niche, regardless of what the product
is. Sometimes you may have to dig around more, but 9 times out of 10 all of the
content you need for your sites can be found with just one look at the top listings
in Google.
Here are some places that I found to use as guides for my yoga mats content:
1) Just typing in the keyword, thick yoga mats, into Google, the 1
listing came
up from Amazon. This is a great start to any product content article. Take a look.
(Please scroll to the next page):
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 43
If you notice, right under the title there is a link to “
16 customer reviews”
What we are basically doing is organizing about 3-4 articles/reviews to use as tips
for our own articles. This would be a great start, but let's find more detailed
information to help us.
2) For more text on general yoga mats that can be used for content, I simply
pulled a site from the Adwords listings on the same Google search page and came
up with some great descriptive text to follow. This is probably the one that I'll use
for bulking up my own home page content on the example site.
(Please scroll to the next page):
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 44
These are the types of websites that I love. You just have to search around until
you find something like the above site. Notice that it has several different yoga
mats and the descriptions are easy. Most niches are the same and can be found
with simple content to re-write for your own sites.
3) And just for good measure, I wanted to bring in some basic information to use
as a guide, so I simply typed in “how to use yoga mats” in Google and came up
with the following article to use for notes:
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 45
The above article that I found offers me the perfect kind of general
information that I can use as introductions on my article pages if I want. You
could gather just 1 page of content or 20 to use as templates. Just grab whatever
it takes to help make the job easier.
How To Rewrite These Pages For Content On Your Own Sites
The above examples are merely how you would search for a few websites that
have content in which you can use to help write your own versions of the product
descriptions. Feel free to use whatever material you can find. It does not have to
be Amazon. There are hundreds and hundreds of sites chocked full of the material
you need.
And now that you've found your product reviews and information from around the
web, it's time to quickly turn that information into unique content for your
websites. It doesn't matter what niche you are in, the process is always the
same. Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 46
You may have to look around for more places if the item is not being sold on
Amazon or a similar large outlet, but regardless of whether your niche is ceiling
fans, air conditioners, microwave ovens, vinyl siding or treadmills – all of the
content research will always run the same course.
So let's take the thick yoga mats niche and produce a high-quality article that you
would use on your own website. It's very easy to rewrite information and so long
as you do it thoroughly there is no worry about plagiarism or copyright problems.
Step 1: Add Intro Paragraph(s)
Intro articles are quick and easy. I tend to always start my intro paragraph the
same and mixing up some of the points taken from an online article. For this
example I'm going to use the following article that I already showed you, which
again is listed here:
Now Here Is My Rewritten Version Of The Above Article For My Intro
Welcome to our website. Here you will be able to find suppliers of all types of
thick yoga mats in the colors and size you need to make your workout sessions
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 47
comfortable. With a wide variety of choices and manufacturers, thick yoga mats
(also called sticky mats) will keep your body from slipping during those strenuous
yoga poses, as your hands and feet are kept perfectly still in your provided space.
Having a reliable thick yoga mat is especially important during classroom sessions
where room is limited and other men and women are positioned around you while
following the yoga instructor's lead. With the proper material, your new mat will
provide the necessary traction needed so that you will not slip, no matter how
sweaty your hands and feet become.
As you can see this intro is a perfect lead-in on any page of content. I may have
over-used the term “thick yoga mats” a bit, but I like to put more density into the
beginning of my content and less throughout the middle and end. It's best to just
write for the reader and not to worry so much about the search engines.
We have about 130
words now, and this only took me about 3-4 minutes to
write, using that 1 article above as a template. Now let's find some product
descriptions and reviews to use for the rest of the content.
Step 2: Adding Product Descriptions
Now comes the easy part. All you have to do is provide as many product suppliers
and descriptions as you like for your chosen niche. You can pull in some from several affiliate sources, or just one. I like to keep
things really simple so I'm going to use just one source for this example. For thick yoga mats, all of the information we need is on the website listed over
as you can see in the same screenshot that I showed
you. Here it is again (Please scroll down for image):
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 48
Now let's rewrite the text and put our own twist on these product descriptions.
Keep in mind that the more words you have on your web pages, the better
I like to have a minimum of 500 words, so let's try to use that as a guide here. In looking at how many yoga mat descriptions I can use from this single page and
there are 4 different yoga mats to use. Because I already have 130 words from
my intro paragraphs, that means I only need 300 to 400 more words, which
equals approximately 75-80 words per description.
Now, using the 4 main yoga mats listed above, here is my version of quickly
writing the product descriptions, complete with the primary keyword and factual
Welcome to our website. Here you will be able to find suppliers of all types of
thick yoga mats in the colors and size you need to make your workout sessions
comfortable. With a wide variety of choices and manufacturers, thick yoga mats
(also called sticky mats) will keep your body from slipping during those strenuous
yoga poses, as your hands and feet are kept perfectly still in your provided space.
Having a reliable thick yoga mat is especially important during classroom sessions
where room is limited and other men and women are positioned around you while
following the yoga instructor's lead. With the proper material, your new mat will
provide the necessary traction needed so that you will not slip, no matter how
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 49
sweaty your hands and feet become.
Universal Thick Yoga Mat
A favorite among yoga practitioners, the universal yoga mat comes with a high-
tack surface and is lightly textured. Your poses will feel comfortable as the mat
allows your hands and feet to lightly sink into the foam.
This particular mat comes in every size needed for your body-type and length.
The standard size is 24 inches wide by 68 inches long. Extra long universal yoga
mats come in 24 inches by 80 inches. And of course, the short version is 24
inches by 60 inches.
Deluxe Thick Yoga Mat
The deluxe thick yoga mat is a personal favorite of many long-time yoga
enthusiasts. This particular mat is heavily textured and provides a much better
grip than most yoga mats due to its high tack surface. This high tack surface can
be found on both sides of the deluxe mat.
You can find two sizes available: The standard 24 inches by 68 inches, and the
long version, measuring at 24 inches by 72 inches.
Eco Studio Mat
Not everyone wants or needs a thick yoga mat. This is especially true if you work
out at home or travel a bit. Years back a customer had job which had her
traveling for months at a time. She used her Eco Yoga Studio Mat in the hotel
rooms each stay.
You can find these yoga mats by checkout these selections. They come in various
colors and with 12 mats per case, you will never run out of a fresh, clean yoga
mat to have on-the-to.
Second Hand Thick Yoga Mats
Starting a yoga class? Do you have a group of friends interested in having you
practice yoga with them on the weekends? If so then consider buying used thick
yoga mats.
Perhaps money is tight and you are just looking to save a few dollars. Smart
move, especially in today's economy. If so then the best deals can be found by
ordering second-hand yoga mats, perfect for those exercise enthusiasts who are
still on a budget.
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 50
Simple, Isn't It?
Do you see how simple writing your website product content is? The article above
would actually be our home page. And this is pretty much what 99% of ALL
web pages for each keyword looks like, with a little twist on the intro paragraphs
of course.
With just a little imagination and fun, changing your customer's actions into
words, mixed with the details of the product, you have yourself a perfect article
that gives the search engines what they are looking for, as well as some helpful
direction for your website viewers. This is the same approach I take for any niche.
Step 3: Adding Affiliate links in the content (You Decide)
I'd like to briefly talk about adding affiliate links to your content. This is
something that I have mixed feelings on because, while I prefer that my website
viewers click on the AdSense ads they need in order to find what it is they are
looking for, affiliate links do offer the opportunity for additional income.
There are always going to be varied opinions on this. While many marketers will
tell you that AdSense is a waste of time and you should only have affiliate links to
earn bigger commissions, I am on the opposite side of the spectrum. Personally, I prefer to earn smaller, but stable, income from each website via
AdSense. I know for a fact that for every “X” amount of visitors my site receives,
a certain amount of money through AdSense is guaranteed. However... there are thousands of success stories out there who do only affiliate
marketing. So take your pick, or use both. If you are like me with lofty stable income goals from AdSense, but instead you
also want outgoing affiliate links, then all you have to do is add affiliate links to
your content in a way that does not make them stand out too much. I'd much
rather have my traffic see my AdSense ads and click instead of getting distracted
by too many other links.
So if a visitor comes to your page, scrolls down, you want them to scroll back up
and click an AdSense Ad, so keep your affiliate links visible, but quiet. The Finished Article, With Affiliate Links
Here is how I would ad my affiliate links to our example article, while keeping
them subtle:
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 51
The blue links would be considered affiliate links
Welcome to our website. Here you will be able to find suppliers of all types of
thick yoga mats in the colors and size you need to make your workout sessions
comfortable. With a wide variety of choices and manufacturers, thick yoga mats
(also called sticky mats) will keep your body from slipping during those strenuous
yoga poses, as your hands and feet are kept perfectly still in your provided space.
Having a reliable thick yoga mat is especially important during classroom sessions
where room is limited and other men and women are positioned around you while
following the yoga instructor's lead. With the proper material, your new mat will
provide the necessary traction needed so that you will not slip, no matter how
sweaty your hands and feet become.
Universal Thick Yoga Mat
A favorite among yoga practitioners, the
universal yoga mat
comes with a high-
tack surface and is lightly textured. Your poses will feel comfortable as the mat
allows your hands and feet to lightly sink into the foam.
This particular mat comes in every size needed for your body-type and length.
The standard size is 24 inches wide by 68 inches long. Extra long universal yoga
mats come in 24 inches by 80 inches. And of course, the short version is 24
inches by 60 inches.
Deluxe Thick Yoga Mat
deluxe thick yoga mat
is a personal favorite of many long-time yoga
enthusiasts. This particular mat is heavily textured and provides a much better
grip than most yoga mats due to its high tack surface. This high tack surface can
be found on both sides of the deluxe mat.
You can find two sizes available: The standard 24 inches by 68 inches, and the
long version, measuring at 24 inches by 72 inches.
Eco Studio Mat
Not everyone wants or needs a thick yoga mat. This is especially true if you work
out at home or travel a bit. Years back a customer had job which had her
traveling for months at a time. She used her Eco Yoga Studio Mat in the hotel
rooms each stay.
You can find these yoga mats by
checkout these selections
. They come in various
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 52
colors and with 12 mats per case, you will never run out of a fresh, clean yoga
mat to have on-the-to.
Second Hand Thick Yoga Mats
Starting a yoga class? Do you have a group of friends interested in having you
practice yoga with them on the weekends? If so then consider buying
used thick
yoga mats
Perhaps money is tight and you are just looking to save a few dollars. Smart
move, especially in today's economy. If so then the best deals can be found by
ordering second-hand yoga mats, perfect for those exercise enthusiasts who are
still on a budget.
Creating content is easy, it just takes work, a lot of work. As I have mentioned
LOTS of times with helping people - If you cannot stand the thought of writing or
cannot afford to pay someone for the articles you need each day (and we haven't
even gotten to article marketing yet), then please consider another business
I've seen too many good men and women waste years of their lives trying to get
around the work involved with creating fresh, original content. When asked what
they have a vision for, they all say the same thing: “I want passive income from
free search engine traffic.”
Well folks, there is only one way to realize this dream: Ongoing content.
Get used to it, or leave it alone. It's as simple as that. There are indeed hundreds
of other ways to make money online and I really hate to see anyone waste more
of their precious time on something that does not make them happy each day.
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 53
Chapter 4: My Highest Converting Template (
4 Years Worth Of
- An Overview Of My Insanely Simple, Yet Most Profitable AdSense Template
(Less is more)
(Header & graphics)
(Navigation menu)
(Content placement)
(AdSense blocks)
- An Exact Replica Of Template I Use On 100% Of My Sites
(Overall color choice of black and green)
(Header area with main keyword & additional pages)
(Adding graphics)
(Page title)
(AdSense placement)
(Right navigation menu)
(Content placement)
- Summary
Overview Of My Insanely Simple, Yet Most Profitable AdSense Template
This chapter is probably worth 10 times more than what you paid for this
Why? Because imagine if you can start seeing a regular CTR of 25% on up to
50% on your websites. What if you could get a CTR as high as 75%? How much
would your income go up? How much more money would you make with
AdSense? And how many more sites would you build with full confidence that you have the
perfect template? I imagine you would stop worrying so much about your site's
look and focus on plenty more niche sites!
I get some insanely high CTRs on all of my product sites and it is all because of
the layout that I have come to depend on.
I started out with very fancy websites and designs when I began creating unique
content and white-hat sites. I followed all of the traditional advice given out in
forums about how to place my ads, how to make my sites look, how to use
beautiful headers and graphics, etc. Sure my sites looked good but I was here to make money,
not win a beauty
contest! Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 54
Although my layout is nothing special at first glance, there are many little details
that I will show you about the template, details that took me 4 years of
testing to depend on.
So without further ado, it's time to put everything together and get into building
your site and setting up the ideal template. I'm going to go into the overall design and explanation of the layout that I use,
and which works VERY
well, so well in fact that some days I see a CTR of up to
. On very rare occasions, some of my mini-sites actually see 100% CTR, but
that is not the norm.
And although you probably already know the basics of on-page SEO, I'll show you
all of the little things that I do for my sites – things that you'll need to implement
with title tags, meta tags, header & graphics, etc. Please keep in mind that I'm a simpleton, and I stick to the basics, because in the
end, the basics will get you where you want to go, and with less stress and
headache. Trust me on this!
I'd like to also remind you that my websites do MUCH
better than any blog format
will do, and I cannot stress enough the importance of having the ideal look of
your AdSense content sites to see the same success that I have.
So if you absolutely must use a blog, then so be it, but unless you have
the skills to make your blog look like an HTML site, do not expect as
many clicks as you would like or the high CTRs that I am seeing with my
layout. Less Is More
If you want to maximize your AdSense revenue, while at the same time creating
websites that the search engines eat up with ease and index rapidly, then stick to
the less-is-more concept. What I mean is that you want the bare minimum of links, graphics, lines and
content boxes. At least a hundred people have asked me on forums to look at
their sites and ask why they are getting a low 2% or 5% click through rate. The
answer is because there is just too much “stuff” going on with these sites.
And most of them are blogs. One of the reasons why blogs do not have as higher
a CTR as the type of HTML sites that I use is due to too many distractions, too
many links all over the place, and a blog just doesn't look commercial-like.
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 55
Header & Graphics
My template you are about to see is probably so plain that you might just laugh
at its simplicity. That is because I have no header and my sites have just 4-5
pictures running across the top of each page.
Yes I use graphics on my templates but the header portion should be simple text
of your main keyword as well as the area where you will link all of your additional
pages. I have used headers in the past, and for the last 6 months have been using
beautiful headers, but testing is over and the non-header approach came out far
better in terms of a better CTR.
Navigation Menu
I have a specific reason for putting 2 navigation menus on my sites. One at the
top when adding more pages, but yet still subtle enough not to distract the
viewer to clicking on those page links. I also have one on the right side just for “filler” purposes - something to help flow
into the AdSense link code, but that's about it. All eyes should be directed to
the left AdSense block, and it works.
Content Placement
I prefer to keep my content placed evenly below the 330 X 280 large AdSense
block and without a lot of bold lettering. I use absolutely no graphics or wrapping
the text around AdSense or anything like that. Yes, I have wrapped in the past
but this layout is supreme.
AdSense Blocks
I use only 1 AdSense block on my websites and 1 link unit on the right menu.
However, the link unit is just filler
, and 90% of my customers click on the
AdSense block that I want them to. Besides, having 1 AdSense block means that you get the most possible money
per click that you can achieve, because Google serves up the highest bidding Ads
first, then more on additional blocks you put on your site. Less is truly more!
The Layout
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 56
Without risking my AdSense account with a live website, I have created an
example site that you can go to and that has the
that all of my
personal websites used. It is very simple and plain, but these sites earn GREAT money and the search
engines love them. Here is the overall layout on my example website titled “Thick
Yoga Mats”, which I will also go over in the videos. Remember, I have used every known layout in my years of mastering AdSense,
and this is the basic outline that I suggest you use from here on out if your plan
is to build a network of small, product-based content sites.
Top Half Of The Template Layout
You May Visit The Live Link Of This Example Site At
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 57
Now let's go into a deep explanation of everything you see here. Trust me, there
is more than meets the eye and although we are examining a minimalist
approach, there is a very good reason for every little detail. 1) Overall Color Choice (Black & Green)
There are experts that study colors and how they affect the human brain. These
studies are so interesting in that there is truth to the idea of getting people to
look where you want, by using the intelligent use of colors. Somehow I hit on this
by surprise with the use of black and green.
All of my websites have the same color scheme and I highly suggest that you use
the same color combinations on your site. As you can see for yourself, your eye
immediately shoots down to the blue AdSense links. This is important because
this is exactly the area in which you want your viewers to be directed to, and
if they find something that interests them.
And of course, since your new sites will all be very specific, product-based
content sites, then yes... Your click through ratio will be higher than average.
2) The Header Area (Main Keyword, Headline & Additional Pages)
The header should be made up of the exact keyword that your site is focused
around. Every one of your websites will have the main keyword in the top portion
of the header, with the color yellow. This keyword does not have to have an H tag
or anything, just in bold is fine (the title below will be an H1 tag).
Making the header keyword the color yellow works amazingly well against the all-
black color. It quickly draws the eye down to the images and onto the AdSense
ads. But you can also try white if you wish, that seems to work well too.
Below the main keyword you will notice a smaller headline that says “Find the
best deals on thick yoga mats and yoga supplies.”
The purpose here is to
add some more content with the main keyword, plus it creates some “filler” that
smooths over the main keyword title.
And finally, you will notice that there are other long-tail keywords at the bottom
of the header portion. These are where you will put your additional web pages for
your website. This is a big question that confuses a lot of people until they
actually see it.
These are those other “long-tail” keyword pages that you add to your sites as you
go along.
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 58
I recommend NOT
adding any pages to the right side navigation
menu. There is a reason for this!
The purpose of adding the pages in the header area instead of the side navigation
menu is that you want to do everything possible to make your blue AdSense links
stand out. Our goal is maximum conversion, turning viewers into clicks. If you add pages in
the traditional manner on the side menu, it takes the eye and gives the viewer
more choices that he may not like or distract him. Thus they may back out of the
site without clicking an AdSense ad.
My way of adding the pages to the header was something that I have been
testing for a very long time now. Because of the white link color, the smaller size
of the font, and the fact that it is blended in with the main keyword and the
headline under that – people's eyes just glaze right over it and onto the
images and quickly to the AdSense ads below that.
It's truly a work of art, even though it looks so simple. You do not have to create
your header areas like this but that is the purpose of this course, to share with
you the small details that I personally use to earn more than $300 each and
every day, all from AdSense.
3) The Graphics
Every site you make should have some graphics in it. I've tested every
imaginable placement for graphics over the last 3-4 years and these tests ranged
from only having graphics in the header design, wrapping the content around a
picture, placing a pic next to the title, removing all graphics, etc.
The layout in this course has blown away all other test templates. This is truly the
one that I will use for years to come. So when it comes to just adding a few
simple graphics of the product that your site is advertising, trust me, it works!
The sole purpose of this layout is to get the visitor to click a blue link in the top
AdSense ad, and these images, in conjunction with the rest of the
template, gets most people to do just that – click and make you money.
Try to resize the pictures so they are about the same size of the images in the
example website that I am showing you.
I suggest that you find pictures of the products you are focused on, which can be
paid for at places like,, or any other leading
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 59
picture provider. They are usually cheap, around $1.00 per photo.
Honestly though, most of the time I do not pay for the pictures that I use for my
sites. I just grab some images from or any other similar website. I
am not suggesting that you hijack images online, as this has legal consequences.
I'm just letting you know that I do it and so far it has not been a problem.
4) Page Title
This is self explanatory but I'll give you some small (but important) guidelines on
the page title that I feel is necessary. In a nutshell, for every page you create you want your main keyword just
below the images and above the large AdSense block (336 X 280).
sure that this keyword title is made up of an H1 tag as this is very important for
on-page SEO.
For most pages you can just put the main keyword of that page in that place.
Sometimes I like to add additional words just like the example layout above,
which says “Thick Yoga Mats & Accessories,” with the main keyword being Thick
Yoga Mats
You may have a concern about putting your AdSense block
right underneath the title. For some reason this can either break or make
your Google AdSense account. Personally, I publish ALL of my pages
exactly the way my yoga mat example shows. However, if you are
nervous, all you have to do is write one or two lines of text in between
the two, thus preventing any ban by Google, just like this:
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 60
5) AdSense Placement
As you can see, there are only 2 AdSense placements on this super-simple
template. You are going to place one large AdSense block under your title, as
shown above. This is the 336 X 280 block. Be sure to use the same colors as I
use, which are blue links, gray text, and light-black URLs. Again, I've tested every possible color combination imaginable and combined with
the overall color theme of this template, this is the best that you can use. Trust
me on that. However, please know that every little component of my sites are done for a
reason, so if you do not create yours exactly like mine, then do not expect
the same results.
6) Right Menu
The right menu is clear of any clutter or distractions. The links are set up on
purpose for the manner of keeping the viewer totally interested in what is going
on with the left AdSense block.
I use no images whatsoever on the right menu and if I had my choice I would not
have anything in the side bar. But the fact of the matter is that most people have
a general expectation of what a website should look like when they are browsing
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 61
the Internet. Therefore, your typical menu side bar should accommodate this
expectation. So for filler purposes only, there is a small AdSense link unit, which I use the 120
X 90 (up to 5 links), located right underneath a small website menu.
When they look at the site, they see the title, their eyes glaze over the other
pages in the header area and immediately down to the blue AdSense links. They
may then glance to the right menu, but what do they see?
They see “Home Page,” “Contact,” “Privacy Policy,” etc. This does not interest
them, so back to the blue links they go, or possibly right below that to the link
unit for a click.
This set-up is a key strategy in my overall template and further causes the
eyeballs to move immediately to the left AdSense block and to the blue links that
offer choices that interest them. And of course, these choices lead to the sole
purpose of what it is we are doing: Clicks!
7) Page Content
The last part of the equation is the actual content (article) of the page. We have
already discussed how to easily create your product descriptions and adding
affiliate links in the previous chapters, so all you need to do is ensure that it is
placed right underneath the large AdSense block - simple.
Also, as you can see in the image below, you want nothing else within the content
like images, nor do you want anything to the right side. This causes the viewer to
scroll down, then back up to your AdSense ads.
(Please scroll down for image):
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 62
Try to make the color of the text off-black. You do not want it gray or super light,
just a slightly lighter shade of black. This further helps your blue AdSense links
stand out.
You will also see that I have no affiliate links in the content. Again, we discussed
this in the last chapter about affiliate links. If you must have them, then keep it
subtle (refer back to the images in chapter 3). But personally, I prefer to have only the AdSense links attracting my viewers. If
they scroll down, I want them to scroll up to get the deals and sales on
the items they are looking for.
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 63
This course should have you getting a VERY solid idea on how to start creating
your AdSense empire. My template layout is designed to cause absolutely
maximum click through ratio and like I have mentioned several times, your
results may not be as good as mine if you change even one aspect of your own
That is not to say that you have to stick to my advice.
There will always be
a better way, a faster way, and a smarter design. And you should test, test,
test... and test some more.
Change up your colors for a week, see how that goes with your click through
ratio. Maybe even try a header design and remove the images from the layout
that I use. Try putting your page links on the right navigation menu, etc. etc.
These changes have all been tested by myself, and the best result is the exact
website layout that you see here, but you may just as well strike some better
function or design in your own tweaking and make even more money.
Never be afraid to try new things. Sometimes it's the best way to
succeed. And you never know what can happen, especially in this
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 64
Chapter 5: Getting Your Site Ranked & Making Money: Simple
Article Marketing
- My site is built, but where is the traffic?
- What is the best way to get backlinks?
- Article marketing: The best short term & long term approach
- The best article directories to work with
- Write about your interests, not your niche sites
- Where to get your article marketing content
- How to rewrite this content for your article marketing articles
- Finding keywords for your articles: No thinking involved
- Why not write for your specific niches?
- Resource boxes made easy
- Mass article submission software & article spinner programs
- Summary
My Site Is Built, But Where Is The Traffic?
Now we come to the actual “work” part of making money with any website
business. Yes folks, you actually have to work
at getting traffic to these pretty
little content sites. There is no way around this part. You can build 1,000 websites, all perfectly
created with the right micro-niche and the ideal layout ready to make money, but
without any type of backlinking these sites would just sit there, dead in
the water.
Have you ever heard of the phrase “Build it and they will come”? Well by looking
around the web at new AdSense publishers, somewhere along the line these poor
souls were tricked into thinking that they could just put together a nice looking
website and the traffic would magically appear, with the money to follow.
This could not be further from the truth. Just check around any marketing forum
and you will see the same question pop up over and over. “Why isn't my site
making money? I have quality content and it is indexed, but were are my
What's worse, is that when confronted about whether or not they are promoting
their websites to get backlinks so that pages will move up in the search engine
rankings, these same people get mad. They get frustrated that there is actual
“work” involved.
In fact, many of these individuals signed up to some course or E-book on affiliate
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 65
marketing because the sales pages said that they could
“get rich just by setting
up a few simple little websites.” Nobody likes work, but I hope that you can understand (especially coming from
someone that is achieving the success with AdSense that you want to achieve),
that this business does indeed require work tasks
that you may not want to
be doing, especially when it comes to promoting your sites.
What Is The Best Way To Get Backlinks?
I've done all of the backlinking programs you can think of: Social bookmarking,
forum posting, blogger blogs, wordpress blogs, videos, web 2.0 – you name it,
I've done it all. However, the absolute smartest decision I ever made was to focus 100% on
article marketing for my online business(s).
Yes, all of these other trendy ways of getting links to your sites DO work. I just
have a bigger vision for my business and enjoy writing articles that I am
interested in instead of spending all day signing useless forum posts and playing
with social bookmarking software.
And you must remember that this course is designed with one thing in mind:
show you exactly how I
between $300 and $400 per day (as of July
2009) with a simple system.
That means that I am not trying to please everyone by writing about the many
different ways to get backlinks. I am not here to provide you with filler tutorials
and options about stuff that I do not do, and stuff that I will never do after having
such success with article marketing.
I have tested out every possible free traffic source over the years. From social
bookmarking to videos, from blog programs like linkvana to using backlink
packages, nothing outperforms getting quality backlinks like article marketing,
both short term and long term.
So my advice is this: Please make article marketing the backbone of your
mini-site promotional tasks. I don't care what else you do for backlinks,
whether it be social bookmarking, squidoo, blogger, forum posting, videos, etc. All of those things are fine and can help your sites rankings, but do them at your
own discretion and through your own due diligence. I have not worked my tail
off for the last 4 years trying every imaginable approach to AdSense only
to give you bad advice.
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 66
And I realize that writing articles everyday is a daunting task for many
individuals, but I am about to share with you an approach that will make writing
fun, especially when you understand that you do not have to write about boring
products that your websites are about.
Article Marketing: The Best
Short Term & Long Term Approach
Before we dive right into the simplest way to use article marketing, I want to
quickly touch up on why I use it as my one and only form of backlink success. That's right, after years of testing everything out, article marketing is the ONLY
promotional backlink work that I use for my businesses. For starters, we immediately get those good backlinks once the article goes live.
The top article directories typically get their pages indexed within a day or two,
sometimes the same day, and once that happens you have Google crawling all
over it and finding those backlinks to your sites.
In addition, there is potential for immediate income by visitors reading your
article and clicking on your AdSense ads. Now keep in mind that you will not see
many of these types of clicks with my system, but they do occasionally happen,
especially if you write about your specific product niche.
Remember, your goal is to get your mini-sites ranked in Google for your chosen
keyword(s), so we will spend no time at all worrying over your article marketing
stats or rankings. You want to build YOUR
business, not someone else's. Yes we are publishing articles on 3
party websites like, but
that is all. Unlike others who are constantly working to get those articles ranked
by spending time backlinking to those very same articles, we do not care. You
and I are smarter than that.
Medium-to-long-term speaking, article marketing is the absolute best investment
of your time and energy that you could imagine. I realize that this may be a hard
concept to understand if you are new to this, or have only been article marketing
for a short period of time. However, I've been doing this stuff for years and everyday I pick up new
backlinks from articles I wrote months, even years ago.
How does this happen?
To sum everything up in one paragraph: If you work smart and submit articles to
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 67
very popular categories, not only do you get the backlink from
(or whatever directory you like), these articles will also get picked up by other
webmasters and scraper tools. This means that your article is now published on other sites around the world.
Eventually, one article could be giving you 1000's of backlinks.
Now that you understand the basic concept, can you see why I'd rather spend 20
minutes writing an article to get backlinks than messing around with social
bookmarking, making free blogger blogs, or posting dribble on forums everyday?
All of the article marketing that I have done still drives my business today, and
will continue to do so for many years to come. As I said, I don't care what else
you want to dabble in for getting your backlinks, just try to make article
marketing the main fuel behind your daily work.
The Best Article Directories To Work With
Everyone has heard of as the number 1 article directory to work
with if you are an Internet Marketer. I have to agree with this myself. No matter
how long the articles take or whatever headaches I go through with having some
articles approved, ALWAYS
outperforms any other directory
that I have tried.
Of course I may be wrong, but remember, this course is not a contest to see how
right I can be. It's about showing you what I
am doing to earn over $100,000 per
year with Google AdSense alone. Therefore, follow my lead but feel free to add
your own approach with trying other directories.
Yes, I have at times used other directories. And here is just a short list of the 3
directories that I like for backlinking my micro sites:
1) (Page Rank 6) - is my favorite because
it has a higher number of webmasters that scrape their pages for articles, thus
helping us get more backlinks. They take a long time to approve their articles, but
are very powerful in the long run so it's a good trade off.
3) (Page Rank 6) -
One of the great things I like about is that they approve articles fast. They also accept links within the
body of the article. However, with our micro-niche AdSense sites that doesn't
really matter if you are writing on off-topics. But if you want to write about your
niche, then more power and money can be made from the actual visitors that
stop by and read these articles.
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 68
3) (Page Rank 5) -
This directory is one that I do not see
much talk about. However, the approval time is often fast and it offers a nice
change of pace to get links from.
: You can find an updated resource of the top article directories here:
Write About Your Interests, Not Your Niche Sites
So let's move on to a brief (but detailed) description of the simple article
marketing system that I use to get my sites ranked and earning income. Right now I want you to forget everything you have read about article marketing.
All of the information out there can be good, of course, but you must tailor your
work towards the specific goal of your own business, not a dozen other
businesses models.
When I get up in the morning I have a smile on my face knowing that the articles
I write that day are going to give my website enough juice to get ranked for my
chosen keywords. Not only that, but I do not write articles about my website's products. Instead, I
write about things I am passionate about, such as fitness, diet, sports and food.
One of the key elements here is that your articles will not have anything to do
with your niche sites. If your website is based around “Red Meter Saws” for
example, you do not have to write an article about meter saws (how boring and
tough would that be, right?). Instead, you will be using this keyword in your
resource box only, not for the content of your site.
With this option (also my favorite), you are going to write articles on subjects
that you enjoy, not whatever boring product your niche site is about. The only
catch is that these subjects MUST
be in a very popular category: an area that
gets lots of searches. You can easily see what popular subjects are out there by
going to and looking at the main categories:
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 69
Personally I am very big on health subjects such as diet and fitness. I can write
an entire article in 10 minutes flat
on any topic that involves getting into shape,
diet tips and fat loss. It's something I've personally been interested in and
practicing my entire life. This is how I am doing so well, because I can write 20-30 articles easy in a day's
work, and have this done by noon
. People are amazed at this but they do not
know that I am not writing for my dull niche topics. Do you honestly think that I can realistically write 20 articles every day about hub
caps, mattress covers, eyeglasses, or LCD screens? I don't think anyone could
enjoy that type of writing, not even me!
Where To Get Your Article Marketing Content: Try A Book!
Here is another little tip that is going to crumble all of the ridiculous E-books and
software programs designed to help you find content to use for your articles:
Books, specifically “Dummy” books.
Sometimes I do get bored with the health area so another trick that I like to do is
invest into these “dummy” books and just rewrite paragraphs from them. This
little trick is something I have used to coach complete newbie writers who took 3
hours to create one article, into fast writing machines that could look up and
rewrite 500 words in less than 15 minutes. When I say “Dummy” books I mean those niche books called “Yoga For
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 70
Dummies,” “Weightlifting For Dummies,” etc. You know the ones. They are
extremely popular and easy to purchase. Just visit your local bookstore and pick up a few books on the subjects you like
and that are popular. Or you can go online and shop around.
The reason why I recommend the dummy guides is because they are written in
such an easy format, and in layman's terms. You could literally use one of these
books for hundreds
of articles. What I do is rewrite them in much the same way
that you would for the product reviews.
Not only that, but everyone has to get their information from somewhere to
rewrite for their articles, right? So why use online sources that have probably
been rewritten already and are full of misinformation?
Instead, go to the experts who have created these books, and use the content as
templates for real and true information
not rehashed stuff already spewed on
the web.
How To Rewrite This Content For Your Article Marketing Articles
I truly find the AdSense publishing business the easiest system
that I have ever
embarked on.
Every step is so simple and whenever I say that to people they are
often shocked that I feel this way. “I hate writing articles!” they say. Or, “how in the world do you get motivated to
write content every day?”
Well, when you take the quickest route from point A to point B, nothing can be
simpler. Here is how you rewrite content for an article: Just change the words
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 71
around. It's as simple as that.
Here is an example of a paragraph taken from the topic of health insurance,
directly from “Insurance For Dummies” (that I will rewrite
Discovering What Makes A Great Health Insurance Plan
Facing serious, life-threatening illness is traumatic. I know, I've been there.
Everything else you're worrying about in life suddenly becomes unimportant. The
only thing that could make it worse is fear about your health insurance coverage.
Fear that the escalating bills will exhaust your coverage limit. Fear that the
specialist you want to see for your illness isn't approved by your insurance
company. Fear that holes in the coverage will leave you personally responsible for
huge bills that could wipe out all your savings – and even put you in serious debt.
That's why a solid health insurance plan is so important.
An excellent health insurance plan must include five key ingredients:
1) A coverage limit high enough that it won't likely ever be exhausted, even for
the most catastrophic medical expenses.
2) An annual dollar limit you can live with on your out-of-pocket responsibility.
3) No dollar limits on types of expenses, such as dollar limits on daily room
charges or dollar limits for types of surgical procedures.
4) Freedom to see specialists without a referral.
5) Worldwide coverage
Now Here Is My Version
: (Notice that all I do is reword
. It's something that comes very easy
once you do it enough. This is why article marketing can be simple and fast once
you find a way to streamline
the process. And there is no easier way than to use
the simple “Dummy” books as your templates.)
How To Find The Perfect Health Insurance Plan
There is nothing more traumatic than facing a life-threatening disease or other
illness. It's something most people go through. Everything else in your life
suddenly seems small and the only fear left is that your health insurance plan will
not provide the necessary coverage. You worry that the larger the bills get, the
less coverage you have. You worry that the disease may not be covered. You
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 72
worry that loopholes in the plan will leave you with humongous bills. This is why
getting the right insurance plan is vital.
The perfect insurance plan should include these key components:
1) You need a coverage limit that is higher than normal, so that even the most
expensive of medical problems will not be exhausted to the limit.
2) The plan must haven annual dollar limit that allows you to afford it with along
with your other expenses.
3) There should be no dollar limits on items like common surgical procedures,
daily room charges, etc.
4) You should be allowed to see any specialist you want, at any location globally.
5) Global coverage should be available.
Finding Keywords For Your Articles: No Thinking Involved
Every article that you write for article marketing should have a keyword in it, but
the best keywords you can use are not the long-tail that everyone is telling you
about. In fact, you could probably write most of these articles without doing any
keyword research at all – at least I don't!
Please do not make this a complicated process. I know “keywords” can give a lot
of new AdSense publishers a headache if you let them, but there is no need to
stress over it.
All you have to do is pick a general
for these articles. Let me again remind you that we want other webmasters and scraping software
programs to pick up our articles
, which means that you want a general term
such as “Health Insurance Plans” or “Dog Food” or “How To Lose Weight” or “How
To Get A Six Pack” or “Relationship Advice” or “Car Parts” or “Baseball Gloves,”
In other words, to get the results we want means creating content the easy way
and not stressing over keyword stats. One question that comes up is “Don't we
want a keyword that will get our articles ranked and get traffic?” My answer is to simply remind you that we only want the backlinks from the
article directory and other sites when these articles are published on them
in the future.
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 73
Anything else is a bonus. Besides, how many resource box click through visits do
you expect to get when your article is about fat loss and your resource box links
to a “Red Kirby Vacuum” website? Not many, if any at all.
So always go for general keywords. There is no need to use any type of software
for this. If you like cars, then use general keywords in your title and article body
such as “car parts” or “wheels for cars” or “how to shop for car parts”, etc.
If your interest is in weight loss then use keywords such as “how to lose weight”
or “fast weight loss” or “get a six pack fast,” etc.
So Why Not Write For Your Specific Niches?
If you would rather write articles for the purpose of article marketing that are
geared to your niches, that is fine. By all means there are many ways to get the
results we want. I must warn you, however, that while these articles may get some immediate
traffic and even clicks, they will die off the charts fast without getting picked up
by other webmasters.
The reason is this: There are far more people searching and publishing articles
about health insurance and relationship advice than there are outdoor BBQ grills
or queen mattress covers.
Remember, article marketing pays BIG
dividends in backlinks so long as you are
offering good content on highly-searched for and general niches. You can always
write about your specific AdSense niches but in the end here is what you will be
faced with:
1) A lack of webmasters publishing your articles to their sites.
2) Less backlinks over time.
3) And the worst part, the grueling task of having to come up with articles on
dozens of boring products (very tough to do each day).
As I always say:
Do whatever you want to do for your AdSense publishing
business so long as it helps make you money. Everything that I am laying out in
this course, as in my article marketing advice, is a combination of 4
mixed with my desire to make my work as easy and simple as
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 74
Resource Boxes Made Easy
As you all know, the purpose of each of these articles submitted to article
directories like is to get your backlinks. This means having a
link back to your site from within the resource box of each article. Do not over-
think this process. All that is needed is something simple
Here is an example resource box that I use myself. In each resource box you will
get 2 links with (more with other directories), so what I like to
do is make sure that one link has the anchor text of my main keyword and the
other link has the anchor text to one of my additional pages.
Example Resource Box: (the blue phrases would be your anchor text
John has been writing articles online for nearly 4 years now. Not only does this
author specialize in diet, fitness and weight loss, you can also check out his latest
website on shiny grill parts
which reviews and lists the best outdoor grills
summer fun and cooking.
In this example you will notice that there are 2 keywords as having links back to
the niche site. So if your niche was “shiny grill parts” then that keyword would be
linking to the home page. And the second link would link to an additional page of
the website, which would be titled “best outdoor grills”.
: (More detailed resources box examples are listed in my 7-day action plan.)
Mass Article Submission Software & Article Spinner Programs
Some of you may wonder about those programs that submit your articles to
thousands of sites using software. Personally, I do not advise the use of
automated software programs that send your article out to hundreds of
directories for the simple fact that this can actually hurt your sites. Google is a smart animal and although I'm no expert in that technical field, I'm
positive that the Google spiders are somewhat programmed to recognize these
types of backlinks as spam.
Before anyone tells me that I am wrong about this, that is ok - I may be wrong.
So if you want to use these types of programs then
do so at your own
I choose not to, and sleep well at night knowing that everything I do
for my business is on the up-and-up.
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 75
Again, I must remind you that this course is meant to be as dead-simple as
possible, discussing the daily tasks that I
use to earn 5 figures per month with
my long-term AdSense sites. So when it comes to speeding up the process of
getting your backlinks, you'll be happy to know that: I do not find these practices any more beneficial than having fewer
backlinks (but higher in quality) from manually writing and submitting
articles to places like
Having said that, you may still be tempted to try the “latest and greatest” article
submission software or article rewriting program to use for article marketing. This is all fine and I realize that many of you must experience them for
yourselves to make an informed decision. So long as you use this course as the
backbone of your Micro Niche AdSense business, then by all means try other stuff
as you go along.
After years of fighting for traffic and getting power to my websites, article
marketing is and will always be
the absolute best investment that I have
made. Even if I were to change business models, article marketing would still be
at the heart of promoting myself.
It's very easy to do, so please avoid information-overload if your interest is in
building small content sites like my course recommends. Some of your websites will only need a few articles linking back to them in order
to rank and make money. Others may need more. It varies from site to site but I
do know that by following my micro niche approach, your websites will need the
minimum amount of articles to get those pages ranked and making passive
income each day.
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 76
Chapter 6: Putting It All Together, My 7-Day Action Plan
- 7 Day action plan: Launching 2 websites every week
(Day 1: Niche research, domain names, set up basic pages)
(Day 2: Publish your websites, set up Google analytics, begin promotion)
(Day 3: Add 1 page of content & submit 2 articles for each site)
(Day 4: Add another page of content to your site, submit 2 articles for each)
(Day 5 & Day 6: Repeat same workload as the previous 2 days)
(Day 7: Final stretch of bulk article marketing)
- Summary: Changing up the plan as you go along
It's time now to dive in and get your business moving. For those of you that are
experienced already and are reading this course just to learn a few extra tips on
my template and niche selection, you can totally by-pass this section because you
are already at a point where you can create your own daily work plan.
For any of you that are new to this, or are looking to work in the same manner
that I do, I want you to follow this 7 day schedule and dive in without worrying if
you make money or not. Consider the next 4-6 sites you make a “class” in which you will get used to
working on your business. Take this opportunity to learn from this course and to
see what is possible.
Even if all of your websites only make a few dollars on the first few attempts, so
what! That is not the point here. The entire purpose of the next few weeks is an
exercise, but an exercise that should make your websites profitable, both in
earnings and in personal experience.
Before you move ahead, I want to make sure you have also watched all of the
videos that are posted in the member's area and have taken good notes
throughout this e-book. Let me remind you that this business is not glamorous, far from it in fact. But
once you get enough websites out there making money, day after day, night after
night, the enthusiasm you feel will be amazing. Getting up each morning to build websites and write content will start to actually
feel like fun. I'm not kidding. At this point in my career I truly get a high from
doing all of the writing and niche site building that I accomplish every day. It all
comes with time, experience and success.
Ok, it's time now to begin building your virtual real estate empire. The following
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 77
action plan can be increased or minimized, depending on how much you can do in
a day, or how many articles you are able to write or outsource.
7 Day Action Plan: Launching 2 Websites Every Week
The following action plan is a 7-day set up. I actually follow this same plan
when starting new websites.
Of course the outline is not set in stone, but this
is the way that I like to do it.
If you cannot work on your business every day then that is just fine, simply follow
each day in a row as best you can. And if you cannot accomplish the allotted daily
tasks in one day, then just continue the next day. Note
This is a 7-day site launching plan, and you should not expect your sites to
mature so early. Yes, they SHOULD
be making money already, but for a site to
fully mature and get high rankings, it may take several weeks to a month or two.
You just can never tell.
What I would like to see is each one of your sites averaging $100 - $150 per
month. This may happen within a week, or it may take more than a month to
mature at this level. It is impossible to tell from the start. Like anything in life,
you'll get better with practice.
This is a guide only, so work at your own pace, but do try to keep up. I have
purposefully limited the 7-day action plan to building only 2 websites. What I
want you to accomplish is getting both websites ranked and making money as
soon as possible.
How much money or how well your rankings do will vary from site to site, and
from person to person. There is truly no way to estimate what will happen. So
please don't expect too much too soon. Remember, it's taken me almost 4 years to narrow my experience down
to this system, and I still make sites that do not go as well as I hoped.
It is recommended that you find a hosting plan that can cover all of
the websites and bandwidth needed for your business. I highly recommend
HostGator as I have been using them for years without a single problem. They have several packages available and you are going to need enough
bandwidth in the future, which is why I like the reseller packages. And for lots of
sites with lots of traffic, you cannot go wrong with a VPS.
But if you are tight on cash then simply go with a cheaper package deal but make
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 78
sure it allows you to host more than 1 domain.
Let's Begin
Day 1: Niche Research, Domain Names, Set up Basic Pages
On the first day you are going to accomplish the following work schedule:
1) Find 2 niches using your preferred tool or method (I use MNF).
2) Order 2 domain names (be sure to point your nameservers to your hosting).
3) Write the home page content for both sites.
4) Write the About Us, Contact Us & Privacy Policy for both sites.
5) Create your email account within hosting (
[email protected]
is fine).
6) Install Google analytics.
7) Set up hosting (if possible).
Using the advice given in this course and in my videos, your job today is to locate
and find 2 niches that you will build 2 individual websites around. What you want
to do is find 1 main keyword that gets at least 2,500 searches per month, and 4
additional long-tail keywords. Ideally each of the other long-tail keywords should get 1,000 or more searches
but if they come out at around 500 or so, that is just fine. The goal is to have
your main keyword, plus the other 4 keywords, all with a combined
search count of 5,000 to 10,000.
The more searches, the better obviously, so take your time in doing the research.
There have been times when I've taken up an entire day just to find 1 golden
niche with so many low-competition keywords
For example, let's say that you found a niche keyword called “blue alien deals”
and it gets 2,500 searches. And let's say that using Micro Niche Finder (or your
chosen keyword tool) you also found the following additional long-tail keywords in
the same niche:
“blue alien sales” - 600 searches
“red alien deals” - 500 searches
“small read alien deals” - 1,300 searches
“alien deals for kids” - 700 searches
Adding those up, you now have main keyword, plus 4 additional long-tail
keywords that all combined give you 5,600 searches
. Not only does this give
your site the opportunity to rank for all of these keywords, but these additional
pages on your site from the start are great for search engine food and to give
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 79
your site more pages of content with varied keyword focus. This looks more
natural and gives your site more credibility.
Once you have identified your 2 niches then it is time to order your domain
names using the advice given at the end of Chapter 2. Do not stress over this
part too much. Simply try to get the entire domain name of your main keyword
as the .com
and if this does not work then you can always use .org
or .net
, or
just add a keyword at the end so you can get the .com version.
It's sometimes best to avoid adding more keywords if the main niche
keyword is too long already.
And lastly, try to set up your sites on your hosting account. Most of the time the
nameservers take 24 hours to populate so this may not be possible. If not then
just set up hosting on day 2.
Day 2: Publish Your Websites, Set Up Google Analytics, Begin Promotion
The second day your tasks are as follows:
1) Set up hosting for all domains (if you could not do this on Day 1)
2) Grab 4-5 images for your page graphics (as outlined in my template section).
3) Build & publish your websites (adding AdSense, home page & other basic
4) Write 6 total articles for article marketing (3 for each site).
5) Submit your articles to 2 article directories.
You may have been able to point your nameservers and set up hosting on your
websites immediately after ordering the domain names. If not then you should
definitely be able to do this on the second day (it should not take more than 24
hours for the nameservers to adjust).
Once hosted, it's time to publish your websites and get them online. We are going
to start promoting them immediately. First, you need to make sure you have your images. If you are building the
template like mine then you must find images of the product that your websites
are about. Like I said, I do not advise anyone to just take them from around the web, but
there are times when I just do a Google search and grab them from amazon or
other product websites. If you can buy them, by all means that is the best route,
but you absolutely MUST put these images on your pages for the best results in
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 80
Now, using your website builder of choice (I love and use XsitePro), publish your
website to the web. Make sure you log into your AdSense account and put up
your large 336 X 280 block and your side link unit.
Do not forget the details as shown in my template chapter and video with
the meta keywords, H1 tag, and template colors.
At this point you should have the bare minimum pages up, but a complete
website nonetheless, showing the following pages:
- Home Page (with AdSense ads)
- About Us
- Contact Us
- Privacy Policy
Congratulations! Your first 2 ideal micro niche sites are up and ready to start
making money. Don't worry, you will be adding your other pages over the next
few days.
Now that your sites are up, write 6 articles to article market your websites. Write
3 articles for each site. You may choose to write articles in your chosen niche if
you like, or do as I prefer and just write on popular subjects like health,
relationships, dating, etc.
If you choose to write articles about your niche, then please do not use
your main keyword anywhere in the article except for the resource box. For example, if I chose to submit an article about green fan blades to or any other directory, then I would ensure that this keyword is
in the anchor text links of the resource box. This prevents the article from
ranking and beating your own websites in rankings.
Each article should have a resource box with 2 links back to your sites. Since
there is only the home page up for now, make the 2 links as follows:
<a target="_new"
<a target="_new" href="
">green fan
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 81
In other words, using “green fan blades” as a niche example, an
acceptable resource box would be as follows:
John has been writing articles for nearly 4 years. Come visit his latest website
over at <a target="_new"
which helps people find the best <a target="_new"
">green fan blades</a> and information
they are looking for when doing home remodeling.
Once published, the resource box would look like this (blue links
represent your outgoing links):
John has been writing articles for nearly 4 years. Come visit his latest website
over at
which helps people find the best
green fan blades
and information they are looking when doing home
Now that you have your websites built and your 6 articles written, it's time to
submit them to the article directory of your choice. Like I said earlier in this
course, I REALLY
like to use, but they can take a very long
time to approve articles. Personally, I can wait a week if need be, but for the purpose of this course and
your first few websites, I want you to submit your articles to a second directory.
One of them will be
and the other will be
they approve very fast, almost immediately in some cases.
So for each niche site, 1 article should be sent to and the other
2 articles should be sent to
Once you get past the 7 day launch period, I would urge you to use for the most part as they seem to give my sites the most
power, but that is not set in stone.
Alright, to sum up Day 2, you now have 2 live websites all built with 1 page of
content (the home page), your AdSense ads are up, and you have submitted a
total of 3 articles each: 1 article each to and 2 articles each to
Day 3: Add 1 Page Of Content & Submit 2 Articles For Each Site
Welcome to day 3. By the end of today your site will now have:
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 82
1) A new page of content published to your site, which is built around 1 of the 4
remaining long-tail keywords that you picked.
2) Each site will have 2 more articles submitted for article marketing, linking back
now to both the home page and the new long-tail keyword page.
3) Your resource box will be slightly different so that both pages have their
respective anchor text keywords.
Now you are going to use up 1 of your 4 chosen long-tail keywords and add that
page to your website. Just like my thick yoga mat site example, link this new
page from the top portion of your header area, and in white to match the rest of
the links.
Create content by following the same example that I provided in this course or
whatever approach that you prefer. Every page should have unique content and
be set up the same as far as your AdSense ads and graphics. The only difference
being that your new pages will have it's own main keyword in the title (H1),
below the images.
The images stay the same on all of your web pages. There is no need to
have different images on all pages. Please see the template section in chapter 4
as well as the video notes.
Once your new page is published and properly linked from the home page header
area, now it's time to continue your article marketing campaign and write 2 more
articles for each website. Following the same procedure as before, the only
difference is now your resource box will have both keywords linking back.
Using the “green fan blades” example above, let's say that my new page is built
around the keyword “brown fan blades.” This would mean that my resource box
would look something like:
John has been writing articles for nearly 4 years. His newest interest is in home
remodeling. So come visit his latest website that discusses home remodeling
products such as green fan blades
and brown fan blades
that every home
needs for that extra touch.
Now you have both keywords in your resource box linking back to their
appropriate pages. Your main concern is the main keyword, of course, but these
extra links will help rank the other pages.
And lastly, for each site, submit 1 of these articles to and the
other to
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 83
Day 4: Add Another Page Of Content To Your Site, Submit 2 Articles For
Each Site
Today will be much like Day 3, which includes the following work tasks:
1) Write and publish 1 new page of content for each website (you should have 2
long-tail pages left).
2) Write 4 articles for article marketing (2 for each site).
3) And again, send half to and the other half to
Just like the previous day, you are going to write and publish your second long-
tail keyword to your website. The process is the same as Day 3, until all 4 long-
tail keywords are published.
Be sure to link it from your home page header area, as in my template example.
On the other hand, if you are not copying my template then do the best
you can.
And again, write a total of 4 articles for article marketing, 2 for each site. Your
resource box will be linking to the new page you just published, so make sure
that the new keyword is in the anchor text, as well as the main keyword (home
For each site, submit 1 to and 1 to
Day 5 & Day 6: Repeat Same Workload As The Previous 2 Days
You should have 2 long-tail keywords left for each site, so without repeating
word-for-word your work tasks, it is obvious that for day 5 and day 6 you need to
add 1 page of content to your website and write and submit 2 articles for article
And the same process goes for your anchor text keywords. Always link your main
keyword and the second keyword links to whatever new page you are building
that day, with that specific new keyword in the anchor text linking back to that
By the end of day 6 both of your websites are completed with 5 pages of content:
your home page (which includes your main keyword) and 4 additional pages each
built around its own specific long-tail keyword.
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 84
Day 7: Final Day Of Bulk Article Marketing: 8 Articles
This is the last day of focusing so much effort on promoting these 2 websites.
After today the choice is yours whether to slow down or not. I personally move
onto 2-3 more websites while monitoring all of my other sites.
Therefore, just like a marathon runner headed for the finish line as fast as he can,
I want you to make this the final stretch and really put out all of your effort on
writing articles for these 2 websites.
On this last day I want you to try to write and submit a total of 8 articles. That
equals 4 for each website. The only change is that you will now use exclusively. Your sites
should be ranked somewhere in Google for your keyword (and your long-tail
keywords), and hopefully you are seeing clicks.
Your rankings will climb over time, sometimes jumping to the top spots in a
matter of days, other times weeks, sometimes nothing at all. Unpredictability
is the name of the game.
However, so long as you follow this 7-day work plan (or a variation of it), then
you can never fail in doing all that is needed on a brand new domain and getting
it out there with quality
backlinks. In terms of earnings I never really expect maximum returns yet. Like I said, it
could take another few weeks for your sites to mature in rankings.
The best goals you can set for yourself are to accomplish this 7-day work plan (or
a variation of it) over and over and over and over again.
This is how I reached the $300 to $400 per day mark with AdSense
. I did
not stop and wonder about all of the little details with the search engines that we
cannot control.
Summary: Changing Up The Plan As You Go Along
The wonderful thing about this business is that you never know what is going to
happen with these websites. As I've mentioned before, I have a few websites that
only have 1 home page of content and I only submitted a few articles for
backlinks. These 1-page sites are actually sitting on the 1
page of Google for its main
keyword and best of all, are making steady income everyday
(and I don't
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 85
even touch them).
This is the exception, not the norm. However, what I do
look for is that each site
should reach a point where you can be ranked for terms that will keep you
ranked, and without much maintenance in terms of additional backlinking through
article marketing.
So as you work your own action plan after getting your feet wet, you may indeed
change up your website launch approach.
Perhaps you may want to build an entire website of 10 pages to start even before
article marketing. That is ok!
Maybe you want to launch out 5 websites at one time and only submit 1 article
per day for a couple of weeks. This is also a good approach.
Better yet, some of you may want to completely focus on 1 website for an entire
month and get 20-30 keywords ranked for that site. Again, this is another way
of doing the same thing: getting pages online and ranked to earn money.
My point is that so long as you use the basics of my plan and use my course as a
guide, you will find many different ways of getting the same results as I do. But I
must warn you, this does not mean to look for an easier way, just a different
I do not want to see you spinning your wheels because you are afraid of work.
is the only way that you will see results and income. This goes for anything
out of life that you want to make happen for yourself.
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 86
Final Chapter (7) : Growing Your Business
- What to do with your websites once they are making money
- Learn from some of my personal plans
(From micro site to large site)
(Same niche, 1 micro site to a dozen micro sites)
(Continue building and army of micro niche sites)
- So what should YOU do?
- How to reach $10,000 per month as fast as possible
- Accepting failure, change & unpredictability with Google AdSense
- Your plans will always be changing: Don't get too attached
- Problems are constantly coming up!
- Final words: you have it easier than you think!
What To Do With Your Websites Once They Are Making Money
Now that you have a solid blueprint and a sample 7-day action plan to start
establishing small micro niche websites just like I do, how exactly should you
grow your business? What is the next logical step?
Ah, if only there was 1 best answer to this question. The truth is that there are
dozens of choices you can make. As I will explain at the end of this chapter, your
plans and goals may change from week to week. This is ok so long as you keep
working the basic building blocks of adding more pages online and getting quality
backlinks to those pages using article marketing.
To this day I continue with the same plan, over and over.
Although changes
and failures do come across my work schedule, I hope to have 300 websites all
earning $5.00 per day on average within 18 months. This means upwards of
$1,500 per day
in AdSense alone ($45,000 per month).
However, change is inevitable and I am currently making changes to that plan. I
already have some sites that I am growing and may have up to 50 to 100 pages
(or more) of content and could earn anywhere from $20 to $100 daily on their
own. This is an option that you may come across in your own business.
So in the end, I do both: I continue launching and promoting micro niche
sites, while growing those select few sites that show promising signs of
higher earnings potential.
Learn From Some Of My Personal Plans
Let's briefly touch up on what directions you can take once your websites are out
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 87
there, ranked, and making money. First, however, you must get it through your
mind that there is no “best approach” to deciding on what direction you want your
websites to go into. And there is no such thing as planning these events. You have to get your sites
out there first and then
make changes as you go along. You cannot change
anything unless there is something out there to actually change!
I'll give you a perfect example of some of my own experiences and the changes
that are happening (or will happen):
1) From Micro Site To Large Site: I started a micro niche site in the exercise machine industry. I followed the exact
same blueprint that is laid out in this course (EXACTLY)
and in just a couple of
weeks had this small, 5-page website earning between $4.00 and $5.00 per day. These earnings are what I consider to be GREAT! For a few days worth of work
one tiny site was earning me up to $150
per month.
This website was also ranked in the #3 position for it's main keyword and was
getting a click or two from each of the other 4 pages (which only had a few
hundred searches monthly for each long-tail keyword).
Just as in my course, I focused on 1 keyword which was the general name of an
exercise machine. I did not use the brand name, and without giving away the
exact machine niche it is, a good example of it would be “women's treadmills”.
This is only an example keyword to give you an idea of the main keyword.
My niche is a completely different gym machine but does
revolve around women.
When I looked back at my initial keyword list saved in Micro Niche Finder, I
realized that there are about 20 additional long-tail keywords that, if ranked,
could each potentially earn me $1.00 or more per page. They only had between 200 and 600 searches monthly each according to the
Google keyword tool, but that is enough to at least get 1 or 2 clicks per day (you
can only hope anyways).
There are also about 25 more keywords that may take more work, but if they all
ranked in the top 4-5 positions in Google, this could better increase my earnings.
So, this particular site will probably be focused on for some time until all 40-50
pages are built and ranked. If all goes well then I would expect this to be a solid
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 88
$30 to $50 per day earner. What this means is that I will be building less micro sites while I spend time on
this one site every day for about a month or more. Sooner or later I will let it sit
with very little maintenance, just like the rest of my sites.
2) Same Niche, 1 Micro Site To A Dozen Micro Sites:
A second example of how you could grow your business and expand on a niche is
exactly what I am doing on one of my niche topics right now, and that is to take a
profitable niche and build additional micro sites around related keywords.
In essence, this is the same tactic as my first example above, but the difference
being that I will be creating a new website for each keyword that is in the same
I am making a killing in a small niche that has about 10 or so keywords that all
have about the same stats. I chose just one of these keywords and followed my
7-day action plan (actually I spread the work out over 10 days on this site instead
of 7). The results? Between $6.00 and $8.00 daily
and with little maintenance articles.
What I plan on doing is going after all of those other keywords in that niche and
making a unique website to hopefully see the same results and similar earnings. It may or may not come out as planned, but the worst thing that I can see
happening is just earning a few dollars per day instead reaching the 8-dollar
3) Continue Building An Army Of Micro Niche Sites:
No matter what I do in the plans that I shared with you in the first 2 examples,
the largest percentage of my focus will be to continue building lots of micro sites
as outlined in this course. I suggest that you do the same because the more “properties” you have out there
the more that these golden opportunities for growth with individual niches will
arise. And even if you do not like the idea of growing a handful of websites, it doesn't
matter because you are still “growing” your business by launching out more of
these micro sites.
So What Should YOU Do?
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 89
Obviously, continuing to build your mini sites is what this course is all about.
What I want to see, however, is that you change your plans according to your
own intuition. Remember, there are no rules! You do not have to build hundreds
of websites in order to secure yourself a solid income from AdSense.
In fact, If you are following the exact approach as outlined in this book then I
would not advise you to build more than you can manage. And by “manage” I
mean maintaining your keyword rankings with a good solid backlink every week
or two. I would make it a goal to get at least 20 to 30
of these micro niche sites out
there and earning steady income each day. Then, and only then, take a look at
each one and use your intuition on those that could possibly be growth material.
When I say “growth material” I mean that your earnings are higher than the rest
of the other sites, plus there are plenty of untapped long-tail keywords to add.
Also, you should be looking at what keywords people are finding your website
that you did not plan on and build more pages around those keywords.
You can find this information out by logging into your Google analytics
The good news is that some of your sites will sit in a search engine level and just
rake in the AdSense clicks for months (possibly years) to come without ANY
at all once it is launched. I love these little successes and have a few in my portfolio. You can't really plan
them out like that but so long as you work your tail off getting enough sites out
there with solid article marketing for backlinks, they will come knocking on your
door - websites that will just sit and earn you money so well that you
may even forget about them!
So my suggestion for anyone that is new (or even semi-experienced) and wants a
solid plan of action to follow is this: Continue the 7-day action plan as often as possible until you have
between 20 and 30 daily earners. Then evaluate and see if you want to
grow any of them.
As I have said already, I follow this same action plan with 95% of the websites I
launch out. The other 5% are sites that I left alone, because I got excited about
another niche. This can happen, especially when you are like me and eat, breath
and sleep AdSense niches.
Copyright 2009 Xfactor Publishing All Rights Reserved Page 90
And remember, if you can launch out more than 2 websites at a time, then by all
means do it! If I could launch out 10 at a time and follow my 7-day plan as
outlined, I would. However, I personally enjoy working with 2 to 5 sites at a time.
Your mileage may vary.
How To Reach $10,000 Per Month As Fast As Possible
If you want to grow your publishing business and get those $10,000 deposits
every month from Google then you really need to pay attention to what I am
about to say. It is important to understand that doing what I do and reaching the same income
levels (and beyond) will not happen for you unless you have the right
Most people do not want to hear about mindset, or anything like it. The terms
“mindset” and “manifesting” or “positive thinking” never seem to resonate with
men and women who, ironically enough, are the ones that need it the most – the
ones not seeing the success they demand they are entitled to.
I'm not saying that you can just dream your way into a $10,000 monthly Google
check, far from it. What I am
saying is that you can do exactly as I do and follow
the same work tasks that I adhere to day in and day out, but without a positive
attitude and confident expectations - you will fail.
If you have struggled with making money with AdSense (or any other program
for that matter) and have been trying for months, even years, then please take
my advice and study the mental aspect of being successful.
That is all I will say on that, as I do not want to force my opinions on success
upon anyone. But you did
buy my course with the intention of understanding
how, what and why I do what I do to earn a fantastic living from AdSense clicks
alone. So please, consider feeding your mind and not just your website and marketing
Accepting Failure, Change & Unpredictability With Google AdSense
In my 36 years I have had LOTS of jobs, from delivering newspapers to serving in
the United States Navy, from being a door-to-door salesman to working in
construction. And I must say that the business of creating websites and
depending on free search engine traffic is absolutely
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and craziest
way to earn a living.
I'm not sure I would have made it in this business had I expected every little
detail to go according to plan. This doesn't just go for your micro niche sites for
AdSense, this also goes for every business that depends on search engine
rankings for traffic.
I'm just being honest. My entire living depends on how well my websites rank,
bring in free traffic, and earn AdSense clicks. So it goes without saying that I am
qualified to make such a statement. I just hope that you can appreciate my honesty because I don't go 1 week
without seeing a new E-book or course that promises you the easy riches
building and promoting these types of websites. The truth is, that in order to grow your business, you have to be tough, patient
and willing to ride with the tide, not against it. In time, you will find that not “knowing” exactly what will happen when you start
a new website is truly a magical experience. As a grown man I never thought I
would say that word, but there is no better way to describe the experience that I
am having (and that I want you to have as well).
Your Plans Will Always Be Changing: Don't Get Too Attached
One of the most interesting aspects of this business in terms of growth is that
your plans will change from month to month, even week to week. And for the
advanced content publishers – literally day to day.
Setting goals and long term achievements is one thing, but the changes in plans
that I am talking about are all of those perfect little details that you may have in
your head right now that may (and should) change as you move forward. For instance, “I want 50 websites each making me $5.00 per day,”
is a
recent comment that someone told me. Yet I guarantee that this will not be the
finished portfolio before that income level is reached. There may only be 10
websites, or 100 of them.
Another goal that someone shared with me was, “My goal is to put up 25
websites this week and get each one making $1.00 per day.”
Again, I
would be willing to bet a thousand dollars that if this person takes action then
these plans will change.
My point is that I want you to be like liquid, just flow with the changes as they
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come up. Enjoy the fact that you are taking so much action that different
directions in your sites, keywords and rankings come about.
This is the same experience all advanced publishers like myself have grown to
enjoy. We love it! We love the change. We love the disappointments. We know
that it is all a part of becoming wealthy with the Google AdSense program!
Problems Are Constantly Coming Up!
Speaking of disappointments, if you have not experienced a change in your plans
and road bumps along the way then you are not taking action. And by not taking
action you will never experience the wealth that AdSense can bring you. You
must be willing to look at unsuccessful attempts not as problems, but as
opportunities that you can learn from.
I could never have grown my own publishing business to the $100,000 per year
mark had I not accepted the fact that I did not have as much control over
how the search engines treat my sites as I wanted. And I would still be looking at a petty $3,000 per month Google check had I not
changed my old approach to building just 1 major website, and branching out into
my 300 website plan. Do you realize how many problems, headaches and failures
that I have experienced along the way? More than I can count.
My point here is that I want to see your AdSense content business grow, but the
biggest step is to always take action no matter how tough it gets. There will
be times when you wake up and some of your sites are only making a few clicks
per day. Some of them will disappear from Google for a week or more. And worse
yet, some will just completely fall on their faces.
It's part of the game. As I said, I too experience failures at different levels and I
pray that I am lucky enough to continue to experience these failures over the
next few years. You should adopt this mindset sooner than later
Why? Because the more failures you experience, the richer you are becoming. If
you want a business where you can make the perfect plan, and expect those
plans to come out just the way you wanted them to, day after day, then
unfortunately you will not last in this business.
Sometimes you need a good dose of reality, and this my friends is true reality to
going from your current AdSense income level to mine. Final Words: You Have It Easier Than You Think!
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And lastly, let me share with you a fact that you need to consider any time you
are have having a bad day or are unsure of what direction to move into. This fact
is that it is easier to start your own publishing business online than any
other business in the world.
I truly believe this. Any time you feel like giving up or complaining, just know that never before in
could an ordinary man or woman like you or me turn on a switch, follow
a few directions, and build a $100,000 per year business, all with just a few
dollars to start.
Never before in our time (or any other generation) has it been easier to bring
wealth to you and your family. You deserve to make your dreams come true!
Your family deserves to live well!
So stop hesitating, stop worrying, stop over-analyzing, and start taking
You can
and will become financially independent with this business. But
you and only you can put in the hard work needed each day. I cannot force you to test different niches. I cannot force you to take chances on
domain names. I cannot force you to write 5, 10 or 15+ articles every day. I
cannot force you to enjoy change and failure and turn them into success.
It's you, only you, that can put everything in this course and in the members area
into action. I look forward to hearing your success stories. Till next time...
John (Xfactor)
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